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Concrete Bollards for Security

Concrete bollards are sturdy vertical posts installed to protect buildings, guide traffic, and act as pedestrian safety barriers. Made of steel-reinforced concrete, bollards block vehicles while allowing people to pass through. With proper design and installation, concrete bollards provide an attractive, long-term safety solution.

With customized shapes, finishes, placements, and color options, concrete bollards provide long-term vehicle control that seamlessly enhances public spaces. Their versatility, strength, and permeability make concrete ideal for safe access management. Though substantial initial investments, concrete bollards deliver lasting value when installed properly by skilled professionals.

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12" Monument Concrete Bollard - 290 lbs.

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13" Square Cartier Concrete Bollard


Using Concrete Bollards for Safety and Access Control

Concrete bollards control vehicle access in many situations. They prevent vehicles from impacting buildings, patios, walkways, and other property. Bollards placed along roads, parking areas, and bike lanes redirect traffic and separate vehicles from pedestrian zones. Spacing bollards along sidewalks and driveways restricts entry while permitting pedestrian flow.


Typical installation sites include government buildings, airports, stadiums, campuses, parks, landmarks, and public gathering places. The controlled access and protective barriers concrete bollards provide make them invaluable safety tools for both public and private spaces.


Furniture Leisure’s Durable Concrete Bollards

Furniture Leisure provides a wide selection of heavy-duty concrete bollards manufactured from commercial-grade concrete reinforced with steel. From classic cylindrical posts to spherical bollards to vibrant sports ball shapes, find the perfect fit for your space. Make each bollard uniquely yours with specialized acid-washed textures, Weatherstone finishes, or naturally exposed aggregates in an array of colors. For sports venues, customize bollards in team colors to energize your field.


Our bollards are sealed to minimize weathering, prevent chipping, and stop graffiti in its tracks. The steel-constructed concrete allows the bollards to manage traffic and restrict access for years at destinations ranging from local parks to bustling stadiums. Each bollard contains over 300 pounds of reinforced concrete engineered to be impact-resistant, tamper-proof, and incredibly durable. Concrete bollards from Furniture Leisure are the go-to solution when you need decorative flair, traffic direction, or vehicle control!


Key Benefits of Concrete Bollards

Compared to plastics or metals, concrete bollards offer advantages:


  • Reinforced concrete withstands vehicle collisions sans damage
  • Long lifespan with minimal maintenance
  • Customizable with textures/colors to match surroundings
  • Incorporate signage, lighting, and branding on surface
  • Permit access between posts for pedestrians


Concrete provides the ideal fusion of strength and permeability for bollards. The reinforced material has the durability to stop vehicles when they collide with them due to their hard surfaces, yet the bollards can be spaced to allow pedestrian access between posts. This balance enables bollards to enhance safety as protective barriers while blending seamlessly into public spaces. For example, in high-traffic areas where visibility is crucial but a minimalist look is desired, square concrete bollards with smooth, modern finishes can provide an optimal balance of safety and aesthetics.


Concrete Bollard Styles and Options

From traffic guidance to pedestrian safety to property protection, concrete bollards are a versatile solution suitable for many different applications and uses.


Concrete bollard designs accommodate different needs:


  • Shapes include cylinders, cubes, globes, balls
  • Diameters typically range from 6-18 inches
  • Heights often 30-48 inches above ground
  • Finishes like exposed aggregate, smooth, engraved
  • Illuminated, smart technology and removable types


The shape, size, placement, and finish can be tailored for the right visual impact and safety performance. Lower-profile bollards maintain open views while still acting as barriers.


About Furniture Leisure

With over 20 years of experience, Furniture Leisure is a leading provider of high-quality commercial and residential outdoor furniture and accessories. Our knowledgeable staff offers personalized service to simplify purchasing and deliver the right products to complete outdoor projects for both public and private properties. We carry top brands like Telescope Casual, Polywood, and Grosfillex and ship factory direct while providing quantity discounts to meet any budget. As an established family business since 2003, we are dedicated to superior products, competitive pricing, and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. Thousands of customers have trusted us to enhance commercial properties and private residences across the country with beautiful, durable outdoor furniture.


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What type of bollards are best suited for high-security areas?

Bollards made from reinforced concrete are best suited for high-security areas because concrete provides maximum strength and durability to withstand vehicle impact. Heavy-duty concrete bollards with internal steel reinforcement, deep burial underground, close spacing between posts, and high visibility are recommended for optimal protection in locations requiring stringent access control and crash resistance. With their cylindrical shape and ability to be installed in tight groupings, round concrete bollards are a great option to provide a sturdy barrier in high-security areas.

What are the benefits of concrete bollards?

Concrete bollards provide superior durability and impact resistance compared to other materials, with the ability to stop speeding vehicles and endure collisions without damage when properly installed. They offer great strength and stability when reinforced with steel bars and buried deep underground. Concrete allows for customization in shape, texture, and color to fit aesthetically with the surrounding landscape.


Concrete bollards are also permeable, permitting pedestrian access between posts while forming an impenetrable barrier against vehicles. Their strength and longevity, coupled with low maintenance needs, make concrete bollards a versatile and effective long-term security solution.

How do you maintain concrete bollards for optimal security?

Maintenance of concrete bollards primarily involves regular cleaning and inspection for any damages. For cleaning concrete, a simple wash with water and a mild detergent is often enough. Moreover, avoid using abrasive brushes or cleaners, which could damage the powder-coated finish. In case of any cracks or surface damage, it must be repaired immediately to preserve the integrity of the bollard. Damaged bollards may not perform their function optimally and can even pose a safety hazard.

What is a decorative bollard?

Decorative security bollards, like those molded into eye-catching balls or globes, add unique flair while still functioning to define spaces, control traffic, and restrict vehicle access.


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