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Concrete Bollards

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Brooklyn Concrete Bollard

Concrete Bollards are multi-functional barriers that add aesthetic appeal while also ensuring safe and secure crowd control. Furniture Leisure supplies concrete bollards manufactured with heavy-duty commercial concrete and steel in a wide range of shapes from traditional posts to eye-catching sports balls. Further enhance a space with different textures and finishes like smooth acid wash, coarse Weatherstone, or a natural exposed aggregate finish, all of which come in a variety of complementing colors. When selecting sports bollards, you can finish the concrete in your team colors to bring spirit to your home field! Our concrete bollards are sealed to prevent weather damage, chipping, and graffiti from sticking, making concrete a low-maintenance and highly durable material. These concrete bollards are perfect for managing traffic flow and limiting access at local parks, parking lots, sports stadiums, universities, shopping centers, and more. Our concrete bollards are made with reinforced concrete weighing a minimum of 300 lbs. and are designed for high-impact protection, tamper resistance, and durability. Need to block vehicle access, direct the flow of traffic, or want to add low-key site decoration? Concrete Bollards are the solution! 

Advantages of Concrete Bollards

Concrete is a highly durable material that is reinforced with steel rebar providing increased longevity, especially in parking lots where impact is a risk. We offer surface and ground mounting for all our concrete bollards to further increase high-impact security and prevent the opportunity for theft. Installation is simple and once installed, maintenance is virtually nothing. The only real question is what finish and color do you want?

Quality Finishes for Every Location

Our concrete bollards come in a selection of natural hues and vibrant acid wash stains. Acid Wash provides a smooth looking finish, great for outside shopping malls, sports complexes, and schools. While Weatherstone and exposed aggregate offer a rougher texture. This rough texture deters people from sitting on the bollards which can hinder traffic flow. Ideal for locations with heavier traffic like downtown districts, apartment complexes, and hotel courtyards. The exposed aggregate finish also adds a natural element to a space, great for beachside boardwalks, parks, and campgrounds.