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Commercial Trash Cans & Receptacles

At Furniture Leisure, we offer a huge selection of commercial trash cans to meet your indoor and outdoor commercial needs. Our trash cans are made using high-quality plastic, concrete, stainless steel, wood and even recycled plastic so you can find trash receptacles that improve your site’s cleanliness while also matching the surrounding area. We also offer specialized outdoor trash receptacles such as cigarette trash cans and outdoor recycling receptacles to meet all trash collection needs for commercial and public areas. Whether you need plastic trash cans for your cafeteria or office space or weather-resistant outdoor wood trash receptacles for your local parks and biking trails, our commercial garbage cans will help you control litter and maintain a beautiful, clean environment. To learn more about the commercial trash cans offered by Furniture Leisure, feel free to contact our friendly staff today.

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Commercial Trash Cans Will Help Keep Your Facility Clean

To maintain a clean environment that everyone will be able to enjoy, few things are more important than commercial trash cans. At Furniture Leisure, we offer a wide selection of outdoor trash cans from top brands like DCI, Witt, Smoker’s Outpost, Leisure Craft, and Webcoat. These commercial garbage cans are available in steel, fiberglass, plastic, wood and recycled plastic  to offer a greater variety of options that are a perfect fit for churches, businesses, stadiums, malls, parks, shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants.

Commercial Trash Cans Make a Difference

Studies have repeatedly shown that the convenient placement of trash receptacles is one of the best ways to deter visitors from littering—especially in public places such as parks or walking trails. After all, nobody wants to visit a location that has been littered with cigarette butts, discarded fast food wrappers, and other junk. Worst of all, the presence of litter on the ground makes it that much more likely that future visitors will also leave their trash behind.

Litter doesn’t just make your facility look bad—it can also attract rodents and insects and even contribute to the spread of disease—none of which will help your facility succeed at attracting new visitors.

By placing trash receptacles in strategic locations in your indoor or outdoor commercial facility, you make it that much more convenient for visitors to throw their garbage in a trash can, rather than leaving it on the ground. While this might sound simple, smart placement of commercial trash cans can ultimately have a huge impact on the overall beauty and cleanliness of your facility—which can go a long way in helping attract future guests.

To reduce litter, studies have found that it is best to ensure that site visitors are never more than 25 feet away from a trash can. This makes it so that walking over to throw away their garbage doesn’t feel like an inconvenience. If people feel like they need to actively search to find a trash can, they’ll probably give up and just leave their garbage on the ground.

In addition to convenient placement, maintaining a consistent schedule of emptying your commercial trash receptacles is equally important in order to maintain a clean facility.

The Furniture Leisure Advantage – Rugged Strength, Eye catching style and great prices

While trash cans can prove quite valuable in promoting a clean environment, you don’t want to spend lots of time repairing or maintaining them. At Furniture Leisure, our trash cans are designed to withstand the various environmental hazards present at outdoor locations. They are both weather and fire-resistant, with tops that have been constructed using hot-dipped galvanized,fire-resistant steel. Our trash cans are available with either fire-safe galvanized steel liners or rigid plastic liners that control odors and germs.

Different trash can materials offer unique benefits for your facility. Plastic-coated steel trash receptacles are a great selection in areas prone to vandalism, because they are easy to keep clean and spray paint can be wiped off. Wooden outdoor trash cans complement picnic tables and benches in parks and other outdoor locations. For additional security, mounting options are also available to prevent theft and vandalism. All of the commercial trash cans offered by Furniture Leisure are designed to hold up under heavy use while requiring little maintenance.

We also offer specialized outdoor trash receptacles to better meet the unique needs of your location. For example, we have an abundant number of receptacles designed for cigarette collection, as well as recycling trash cans. High-capacity trash cans are also available for areas that experience heavy foot traffic.

With custom logos and a wide variety of specialized accessories, our commercial trash cans are the perfect solution for keeping your property litter-free. Colorful custom designs can be used to promote a sense of civic pride, share an important message, or advertisement for your business.

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