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Top Park and Playground Trends for 2022
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     It’s been nearly two years since the pandemic prompted indoor lockdowns and restrictions as we’ve never seen before. To combat the mental and physical strain, people have sought refuge at parks, playgrounds, and other outdoor recreational areas. A 2021 report by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) found seven in 10 people have either maintained or increased their use of public parks and trails during the pandemic. Along with exercise, respondents said they frequent outdoor e...

Order by December 2021 for Spring 2022 Arrival on Commercial Pool Furniture and Site Amenities
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     The market for receiving commercial pool furniture and industrial site amenities in 2021 can be summed in one word: “Delayed”! All year there have been substantial material, labor, and freight shortages that have pushed back estimated arrival dates on products, sometimes double or triple past their original expectations. This industry-wide problem of raw material deficiencies caused by the ongoing covid crisis continues to make national headlines. Though we would like to say that the worst ...

Outdoor Classroom Guide for Schools & Universities
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          As schools begin to re-open for the first time during the Coronavirus pandemic many districts are beginning to implement outdoor learning environments as a way to provide an additional layer of safety to their students and community. Just this week the New York City Mayor announced that all schools in NYC would be allowed to launch outdoor learning initiatives next semester.  "We know outdoors is one of the things that works, It's gonna open a lot of opportunities." Mayor De Blasio was...

How to Protect Your Customers With a Commercial Sanitation Station
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The world has changed dramatically since the outbreak of COVID-19. Fears about how germs and viruses spread continue to affect how we interact and do business.

Many Americans are uneasy about returning to work, shopping and leisure activities in a post-pandemic world. A nationwide poll by the Washington Post and University of Maryland found that 63% of respondents are still worried about infection and getting sick. A significant majority are concerned about the health risk posed by various busi...

COVID-19 Update - Our Status
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Dear Customers & Friends,

We realize the COVID-19 situation is presenting many new and unforeseen challenges in our industry. As we progress through this crisis together I wanted to take a moment to update you on our response and current status:

1. Our office and sales team remain online and ready to serve you. We have instructed all staff to assume a working from home role so communications may be slightly delayed however we remain open and available via telephone, email or live chat. 


2. 9...

Sanitizing Outdoor Furniture: Keeping Guest Safe by Keeping Surfaces Clean
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Recent events from the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic has put into perspective how important it is to protect ourselves through awareness and sanitation. With the virus spreading at a rapid pace, efforts need to be taken now and in the future to keep people safe. It has been demonstrated that the COVID-19 along with other viruses and bacteria can remain infectious on surfaces, sometimes for days at a time. Even non-porous materials such as stainless steel and plastics can become an intermediary ...

ADA Picnic Tables: What Is an ADA Picnic Table and How Is it Different From Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables?
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What Is an ADA Picnic Table?

As a purchaser of public-space furniture, you need to understand the subtle technical differences between commercial ADA picnic tables and "ordinary" wheelchair accessible picnic tables. If you downplay the importance of ADA guidelines for picnic tables, there exists the possibility of damaging your organization's professional reputation among wheelchair users. Non-compliance can also lead to unwanted legal actions, such as disability discrimination lawsuits as well...

Commercial Shade Structures: The Many Uses and Benefits
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While you can't alter the temperature of the great outdoors, you can feel more comfortable standing in the shade. Getting out of the sun can make the temperature of the surrounding area feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler — plus it reduces your exposure to UV rays.

Commercial shade structures are artificial shades that provide these benefits and others in a variety of locations, letting businesses and organizations offer comfortable, fun external environments to guests, customers, and the general publ...

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales are here and they are lasting the whole month of November! Introducing Furniture Leisure's Black Friday Fall Sale! Now through November 30th use coupon code BF19 during check out and save 10% off your online purchase. This deal applies to our complete inventory of commercial site furnishings, including picnic tables, park benches, pool furniture, market umbrellas, trash receptacles, bike rack and more! A perfect opportunity for HOAs, schools, local parks, and ho...

Checklist to Receiving Your Commercial Shipment: The Complete Furniture Leisure Delivery Guide
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From A.S.A.P. shipments to custom delivery options that meet your business needs, Furniture Leisure aims to please. While we handle the heavy lifting from our end, you can take a few actions to help ensure an optimal delivery every time you order. From choosing the right delivery method to being prepared to receive your commercial outdoor furniture, this guide covers everything you need to know for a seamless, worry-free experience.


Checklist: What Do You Need to Receive a Commercial Outdoor...