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Portable School Bleachers

Furniture Leisure sells premium portable school bleachers to universities, public schools, parks, sporting fields, fairgrounds and more. We offer bleachers from 3 to 10 rows that include 7.5, 15, 21 or 27 feet in width. Tip and roll option is available for 3, 4, and 5 row bleachers to conveniently move and store on commercial grade casters in between events. The larger stadium bleachers come with a Jiffy Mover upgrade option on the aluminum frames to aid in mobility without disassembling the bleacher. Please check your local building codes to determine required specifics for portable bleachers. If you need any help, please call our knowledgeable staff for assistance.

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Portable School Bleachers - Great temporary seating for the masses

We specialize in portable school bleachers with anodized aluminum components. They are made for times when permanent seating is not available. Aluminum school bleachers are strong and light making them perfect for school events or city parks. Furniture Leisure’s bleachers are bolted together that allows adjustments as moving to each event may loosen the structure. Some competitors use welded aluminum that are more likely to break when moving causing expensive repairs.

Bleacher frames for school are commonly made from Aluminum or Galvanized steel to resist rust. Aluminum is lighter in weight and saves on shipping costs initially.

An option that can be added on the smaller (up to 27 feet x 3 rows) bleachers is the “Tip and Roll”. Heavy duty mar-resistant casters added to the frame allow the bleacher to be tipped on its side and rolled making it easy to move and store as needed. Bleachers are common for outdoor sporting events, concerts, plays, indoor games for basketball or volleyball. Outdoor soccer, football, and Lacrosse are common games for bleacher use.

Check local bleacher code before checking out

If the bleachers exceed 30 inches overall height local codes usually require double footboards with risers and guardrails for safety. Some bleacher are made with a low-rise measurement so the seats do not rise as much above each other keeping the overall height lower. Low-rise is also ideal for children. Standard rise is 8 inches while low rise is 6 inches.