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Quality Park Benches

Park benches are everywhere, giving people a place to sit in all kinds of outdoor spots, from private backyard patios to busy city parks. With regular use and exposure to the elements, it is essential to choose high-quality park benches constructed to endure. This guide will explore what defines a premium park bench, tips for selecting durable and comfortable designs, where they work best, and how to care for your investment.

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Find High-Quality Park Benches at Furniture Leisure

At Furniture Leisure, we offer a wide variety of high-quality park benches to meet the needs of any outdoor space, whether public or private. Our extensive selection includes durable thermoplastic benches, classic wooden benches, weatherproof recycled plastic benches, elegant yet sturdy concrete benches, and personalized memorial benches. With contemporary to industrial-chic styles, we provide expertly crafted benches made to endure for years while complementing any décor. Our knowledgeable team can help you find the perfect bench to furnish your park, garden, patio, or business.

Discover why customers trust Furniture Leisure for the highest quality outdoor benches with unmatched selection and fast shipping.

Types of Park Benches at Furniture Leisure

At Furniture Leisure, we offer many types of park benches, including:

Metal & Thermoplastic Benches

Thermoplastic-coated steel benches require minimal maintenance as the plastic coating protects against rust and corrosion, providing beautiful, comfortable, and durable outdoor seating.

Commercial Wooden Benches

Our most popular commercial benches feature the classic, distinctive look of wood at a lower cost, including player-style team benches made of treated pine and ornate Victorian designs with aluminum castings and oak slats.

Recycled Plastic Benches

Our eco-friendly recycled plastic benches offer durable, low-maintenance commercial seating through a unique process that transforms recycled milk jugs and plastics into benches resembling natural wood without the need for painting, splintering, or refinishing real timber.

Concrete Benches

Concrete benches in a variety of stylish designs beautify public spaces nationwide, from city walkways and parks to recreational trails and streets.

Memorial and Logo Benches

Uniquely honor your loved ones with lasting outdoor tributes of thermoplastic, wood, concrete, or recycled plastic personalized with custom laser-cut names or plaque messages. Furniture Leisure takes pride in creating cherished memorial benches found in parks, schools, and cemeteries across the country.

What Makes a Quality Park Bench?

The best park benches are constructed from durable, weather-resistant materials like powder-coated aluminum, stainless steel, or recycled plastic lumber. Premium benches feature ergonomic seat designs with contours and lumbar support for comfort during extended seating. High-quality park benches are also customized to suit the intended setting, with options like personalized plaques or company logos.


Some characteristics of a quality park bench include:


  • Durable, Weather-Resistant Materials: The best park benches utilize rot, rust, and corrosion-resistant materials able to withstand decades outside. Metal frames of powder-coated aluminum, galvanized, or stainless steel resist rust. Teak, recycled plastic, or concrete, wooden slats endure rain, sun, and snow.
  • Customizability: Higher-end park benches offer options like customized memorial plaques or company logos. This allows matching site architecture.
  • Low-Maintenance Needs: Quality materials and protective treatments mean little upkeep. An annual sealing of lumber slats is often the only maintenance required. This saves time and costs.
  • Safety-Focused Construction: Premium park benches have sturdy, tip-proof designs that meet public space safety codes. Rounded corners and edges prevent injuries.


Best Materials for Quality Park Benches

The materials used to construct a park bench determine its durability, comfort, and maintenance needs. Carefully evaluating which materials best suit your setting, use case, and design priorities will ensure you select a high-quality bench crafted to provide lasting performance.


Popular park benches utilize:

Durable Metals

Powder-coated aluminum provides a lightweight yet strong base, resisting corrosion. Wrought iron has decorative appeal. Galvanized and stainless steel offer superior strength for decades outside.

Weatherproof Woods

We construct our wooden park benches from durable hardwoods designed to withstand outdoor elements while retaining their distinctive beauty. Woods like oak, cedar, and teak are naturally weather-resistant or can be treated for longevity in public spaces.

Recycled Plastics

Our recycled plastic park benches offer durable, low-maintenance outdoor seating with eco-friendly appeal. Made from recycled milk jugs and plastic products, these benches mimic the look of natural wood but without the painting, splintering, or refinishing real wood requires. The transformative production process creates attractive, highly durable benches perfect for commercial use indoors or out.

Mixed Metal and Wood

Our mixed material benches utilize aluminum (cast or powder-coated), iron, or steel for the frame paired with sustainable, easy-care wood slats made of white oak. The result is a versatile, low-maintenance bench perfect for parks.


Where to Place Park Benches

You see park benches everywhere because they're so versatile. These simple, functional seats can be installed in all sorts of outdoor locations, both public and private. Benches in backyards, parks, trails, shopping centers, and more provide a place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Thoughtfully placing benches encourages people to pause and take a load off. No matter where they're installed, benches add value by enhancing spaces for rest and recreation.


Here are some prime locations to place one:


  • Backyard Retreats: A garden bench tucked away in your backyard provides a peaceful place to enjoy the fresh air. Select a size that fits the space.
  • Poolside Lounging: Durable, waterproof poolside benches allow guests a spot to relax after a swim. Space benches around the perimeter.
  • Home Entryways: A stately bench beside your front door provides extra seating for guests. Opt for a metal base for durability.
  • Parks and Trails: Public parks rely on indestructible benches along paths, sports fields, and picnic grounds. Anchor securely.
  • Bus Shelters: Sturdy benches give waiting public transit riders a place to rest their feet. Choose designs with protective coverings.
  • Outdoor Shopping Centers: Benches beside outdoor shops and restaurants allow patrons to take a break. Center benches under shade structures.


5 Tips for Choosing the Best Park Bench

Choosing the perfect park bench involves more than just picking any seat. It’s important to think about where it will be placed, how much use it will get, your budget, and design priorities. Taking the time to identify your needs and shop around ensures you select a bench built to withstand the environment and fit your space aesthetically. Researching a provider like Furniture Leisure helps you find high-quality benches with comfortable, customizable options at the best value.


These are some tips to help:

  1. Consider Intended Placement: If your bench will live outdoors, ensure it has weatherproof, rot-resistant materials. Check it meets safety codes for public areas.
  2. Select Comfortable Seat Depth & Height: Deeper seats with contoured lumbar support provide superior comfort. The standard bench height is 18-20 inches.
  3. Choose Durable, Low-Maintenance Materials: Powder-coated metals and synthetic wood-look slats retain their looks for decades with minimal care needed.
  4. Allow for User Capacity: Benches come in 4, 6, or 8-foot sizes. Pick a size that can adequately and safely seat the expected number of users.
  5. Match Design Style: Select slat colors and metal finishes that complement your existing architecture and landscaping.


Caring for Your Park Bench

A quality park bench is built to last, but it needs proper maintenance to retain its beauty and performance year after year. Simple maintenance like regular cleaning and annual sealing enables a quality bench to withstand heavy use and outdoor elements for many years. Investing in a bench made of premium materials is important, but following the manufacturer's care recommendations helps maximize longevity.

Don't just install it and forget it—take time to keep your quality park bench clean and protected so it serves as a beautiful and functional focal point for years to come.

Follow these care tips:


  • Brush debris from metal legs and arms regularly using mild soap and water.
  • Reseal wood slats annually with an exterior sealant matched for the wood type. This protects from UV damage, mildew, and rotting.
  • Inspect nuts and bolts securing the bench to ensure stability. Tighten and replace any loose fasteners.
  • Cover the bench with waterproof furniture covers during harsh weather months or when not in use for extended periods.


About Furniture Leisure

With over 20 years of experience, Furniture Leisure is a leading provider of high-quality commercial and residential outdoor furniture and accessories. Our knowledgeable staff offers personalized service to simplify purchasing and deliver the right products to complete outdoor projects for both public and private properties. We carry top brands like Telescope Casual, Polywood, and Grosfillex and ship factory direct while providing quantity discounts to meet any budget. As an established family business since 2003, we are dedicated to superior products, competitive pricing, and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. Thousands of customers have trusted us to enhance commercial properties and private residences across the country with beautiful, durable outdoor furniture.


From any of our websites, request a free quote on any outdoor furniture project you're working on, or call 1-800-213-2401.



Still have questions about metal and wood benches? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the cheapest wood for park benches?

For a budget-friendly wood option, many park benches use treated yellow pine slats. Pine is an affordable softwood that can be pressure-treated with preservatives to resist decay and insect damage in outdoor settings.

What are park benches coated with?

Thermoplastic park benches made of recycled plastic materials are coated with a UV-protective coating to shield the plastic from sun damage and prevent fading. This protective coating helps maintain the color and integrity of the bench.

What are standard park bench lengths?

Park benches range from 4-8 feet long. A 4-foot bench fits 2-3 people. A 6-foot bench seats 3-4 adults. An 8-foot style can fit 4-6 people.


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