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Metal Benches: Durable & Stylish

Thermoplastic-coated metal benches may be the most popular type of bench on the market today. At Furniture Leisure, we sell solid Plastic-Coated Steel benches to provide outdoor seating that is beautiful, comfortable, and highly functional. The plastic coating on these benches protects against rust, corrosion, and other environmental elements, requiring little maintenance and ensuring that your benches will look great for years to come.


With both Player-Style and Contoured benches available, these plastic-coated benches are the perfect fit for park trails, schools, sports parks, and even churches. Our plastic-coated benches are available in a wide range of stylish colors to match school colors or the decor in office buildings and restaurants. Call us today if you’d like to learn more about these popular benches. 

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Arches Steel Bench with Back - 6 Ft.


Arches Steel Bench without Back - 6 Ft.


Arches Steel Cantilever Bench - 6 Ft.


Bryce IPE Bench with Back - 4ft., 6ft., or 8ft.


Metal Benches - A comfortable, stylish, and durable seating option

Plastic-coated benches are one of the most popular outdoor metal benches on the market today. When you go to a park or bike trail, you expect to see these comfortable, durable benches serving as a convenient resting place. But these plastic-coated benches aren’t just found in parks. They are also used at bus stops, ballparks, public gardens, train stations, and many other locations.


Almost every commercial building in the world uses benches. Whether you’re providing a place for elderly citizens to rest while walking through the park or seating for waiting patrons at your restaurant, a stylish, comfortable bench can play a large role in how others perceive your facilities. At Furniture Leisure, our plastic-coated benches come in a wide range of colors and styles, from comfortable contour benches to backless bench models. They can even include custom logos or wording. This variety of options makes it easy to find a style that best fits your project needs, ensuring that you’ll always make a great impression on your patrons.


In addition to their stylish design and comfortable seating, one of the greatest benefits of Plastisol plastic-coated benches is their durability. These outdoor metal benches are designed to endure all kinds of weather conditions—including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures—without rusting or corroding. The plastic coating is resistant to vandalism and is impervious to stains, fungus, mold, and mildew. The coating also makes these benches very easy to clean.


Our commercial-grade plastic-coated benches are available in portable, surface mount, and inground mounting styles. Call our friendly staff at Furniture Leisure today, and we’ll help you find the perfect metal bench for your project.   


The Benefits of Metal Benches

Metal benches offer numerous advantages that make them a common choice for both indoor and outdoor settings. They're durable, resistant to weather, and relatively low maintenance. Metal construction provides unparalleled strength and stability, while powder-coated and thermoplastic finishes are easy to clean and protect against scratches, stains, and UV damage.


Metal benches withstand decades of frequent use without splintering, cracking, or degrading. They also maintain their structural integrity in wet conditions without warping or rotting, making them the perfect garden benches or park benches. These benches are versatile in design yet virtually indestructible in daily use. Add in reasonable cost and the ability to customize their colors and design, and metal becomes an ideal outdoor furniture material that provides comfort with minimal upkeep.


How Durable Are Metal Benches?

Metal benches are extremely durable and built to withstand years of heavy use, even in public spaces. The all-metal construction provides sturdiness and strength, while the thermoplastic or powder-coated finish protects the surface from wear, abrasions, and corrosion. Most quality metal benches have a weight capacity of 500-1500 lbs.


With proper maintenance, which involves simple cleaning and occasional touch-ups for scratches, a metal bench can easily last 25+ years even with daily use. Steel-constructed benches resist decay, cracking, rotting, warping, and damage from exposure that can degrade other types of benches much faster. Metal benches are a long-lasting investment that can easily handle frequent use.


With routine maintenance, you can extend the life of metal benches even further. They should be wiped clean periodically and checked for any signs of rust. If identified early, these issues can be fixed quickly, further strengthening the durability and longevity of your metal bench.


Thermoplastic Coated Steel Benches

Thermoplastic coating involves covering steel with a thick layer of vinyl or polyester-based plastic. This creates a protective barrier against weathering and corrosion. These benches are lightweight yet very sturdy. The plastic coating resists dents, scratches, and abrasions better than paint. It won't chip or peel from regular use. Thermoplastic coating is also UV-resistant, so the color remains vibrant even after years in the sun.


Easy to clean and maintain, thermoplastic benches just need occasional washing with soap and water. Graffiti wipes away easily, and the coating is resistant to salts and oils. With thick, evenly coated thermoplastic, these benches feel smooth to the touch. The coating provides effective insulation against hot and cold temperatures. Thermoplastic steel benches also come in a wide variety of colors to match any decor or landscaping.


Powder Coated Steel Benches

Powder coating involves applying a powdered paint coating using an electrostatic process. The powder particles adhere evenly to the bench, and baking then melts and fuses them into a smooth, durable finish. Textured powder-coated finishes have a lightly textured, matte surface.


Powder-coated steel benches are lightweight and strong. The coating resists scratches and scuffs better than conventional paint, so it won't chip or peel with regular use. Powder coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and UV stability. Easy maintenance is one of the biggest advantages of powder-coated metal benches. They just need occasional washing to keep them clean.


Bench colors are limited compared to thermoplastic, but powder coating allows for a transparent topcoat. This protects with minimal effect on surface appearance.


Important Factors to Consider

If you're having trouble deciding on the right benches for your property, consider these key factors:


  • Cost - Thermoplastic coating generally costs more than powder coating, but thermoplastic finishes are thicker and more durable.
  • Color options - Thermoplastic offers a huge range of standard colors and finishes. Powder coating has fewer standard options, but can be customized.
  • Durability - Both finishes are very durable and ideal for high-traffic areas. Thermoplastic may better resist abrasions.
  • Maintenance - Both require very little maintenance and are easy to clean. Thermoplastic can be power washed, powder coating requires more care.
  • Temperature resistance - Powder-coated benches better resist very high temperatures. The thermoplastic coating may become soft on hot days.
  • Assembly method - Thermoplastic coating allows for welded joints. Powder coating requires mechanical fasteners.


Common Types of Metal Benches

Thermoplastic and powder-coated finishes are suitable for all typical metal bench designs:


  • Classic park bench - Traditional curved armrests and slatted seat/back. Perfect for parks, gardens, and campuses.
  • Garden benches - Simple benches are ideal for gardens, backyards, and landscaped business areas.
  • Café bench - Bench with or without back and armrests. Works well for outdoor dining areas.
  • Recycled benches - Made using recycled materials. Eco-friendly option. Styles vary widely.
  • Custom designs - Benches can be made in nearly any shape and size. Good for unique applications.


Need Benches That Can Handle the Wear and Tear? Choose Furniture Leisure

At Furniture Leisure, we offer thermoplastic and plastic-coated steel benches that provide unmatched strength, durability, and easy maintenance ideal for public spaces and high-traffic areas. Our made-in-America metal benches are constructed from heavy-duty steel and coated in a thick, super-durable thermoplastic or powder-coating finish. This combination creates commercial-grade benches capable of standing up to decades of daily use without showing any signs of wear.


Our benches have a weight capacity of up to 1000 lbs and hold up to frequent daily use in parks, schools, malls, and other public places. The scratch- and fade-resistant thermoplastic and plastic coating maintain their like-new look with simple soap and water cleaning. They won't chip, peel, or need repainting over time. Our benches resist stains and oils and can be power washed without damage.


When you want comfortable, hassle-free metal benches built to handle the demands of busy public spaces, schools, malls, and parks, Furniture Leisure has you covered. Our experts craft quality metal benches that just keep on going, year after year. Give us a call at 1 (800) 213-2401 to find the right heavy-duty benches for your needs!



Can you leave metal benches outside in the winter?

Yes, both thermoplastic and powder-coated metal benches are fine to leave outside year-round. These benches are made from highly durable materials and feature protective coatings that prevent damage from exposure to cold, snow, and ice. Heavy snow may need to be brushed off to avoid excessive accumulation.


What is the average weight capacity of metal benches?

On average, metal benches have a weight capacity of around 500-1000 lbs, depending on the size. Many can support up to 1500 lbs or more. It's easy to find models rated for heavy-duty public use.


How long do metal bench coatings last?

With proper maintenance, both thermoplastic and powder coatings remain protective for 15-25 years or more. Powder coating may need to be touched up more frequently than thick thermoplastic coatings. Proper care will extend their lifespan.


Can metal benches be made from recycled materials?

Yes, recycled metal benches are a popular eco-friendly option. Many use recycled steel or aluminum. Some incorporate reclaimed plastic lumber or recycled plastic sheets. Recycled benches are often just as durable as traditional metal.


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