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Maximizing Space: Space-Saving Furniture Solutions for Small Restaurants

Maximizing Space: Space-Saving Furniture Solutions for Small Restaurants

Less is more when it comes to a small restaurant space. When filled with too much furniture and décor, a restaurant becomes a cramped, cluttered space rather than a comfortable gathering place. If you want to maximize your dining area while maintaining an inviting environment for your patrons, look for space-saving furniture solutions that provide flexibility, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. 

Here are three ways you can efficiently and cost-effectively create a comfortable and memorable dining experience at your establishment:



Large restaurant spaces have nearly unlimited table and seating options – from long, banquet-length tables and oversized rounds to cushioned booths and high tops with stools. Smaller restaurants can’t accommodate bulky booths and obtrusive tables; therefore, they must be more creative and utilize multipurpose furniture in their dining area. 

Multipurpose furniture consists of tables and chairs that can be easily rearranged, stacked, or folded to adapt to your space. It also includes furniture that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. But just because multipurpose furniture is compact or stackable, doesn’t mean it has to lack style, comfort, or durability. Consider these innovative furniture options for your restaurant or bistro:

Tables that are space-saving and versatile - Maximizing Space: Space-Saving Furniture Solutions for Small Restaurants

Tables that are space-saving and versatile

Standard 32-inch square tables best utilize your space and create enough room for two to four patrons. If a larger group comes to dine with you, square tables can be easily moved together to accommodate. Look for commercial-grade dining tables made of ultra-durable materials like plastic resin, aluminum, and high-density polyethylene – strong and stable products that won’t chip, crack, dent, or knock over. Choose to cover your tables with tablecloths or leave them uncovered and take advantage of the beautiful surface designs and colors commercial dining tables have to offer including faux teak, faux granite, rustic shiplap, and slatted styles. If you need to store extra tables, choose a pedestal table with tiltable tabletop and folding legs that compactly stack with its mates. 


Tables that are space-saving and versatile - Maximizing Space: Space-Saving Furniture Solutions for Small Restaurants

Indoor seating that offers style and performance
Commercial furniture manufacturers offer an array of chair designs so you can match seating with your motif or style. Consider sleek, modern chairs with black metal frames, upholstered seats, and wood backs, or use colorful, retro-style chairs made of heavy-duty plastic resin and accented with circle cutouts. You can create a continental look with natural European beechwood chairs that offer contoured wooden backrests and soft upholstered seating or opt for a more classic look inspired by 18th-century-style chairs that feature tall backrests with a slatted angular design and are made of solid recycled plastic lumber. Whatever style you choose, your commercial-grade chairs will stand up to daily use, maintain their shape, and provide comfort for your patrons. 


Tables that are space-saving and versatile - Maximizing Space: Space-Saving Furniture Solutions for Small Restaurants

Chairs that can be stacked and stored
Stackable chairs enable you to set up and move them how and where you want – and when you don’t need them, they are stored compactly and easily. Many commercial-grade stacking chairs are made of 100% plastic resin, making them virtually unbreakable, waterproof, and able to support up to 300 pounds. Despite their resilience, stackable dining chairs are surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. Premium plastic resin stacking chairs come in many color combinations and can be formed into designs to give the illusion of wood and wicker. Stackable chairs are a must for any small restaurant that requires a modular layout.



If your location allows, expand your seating to the outdoors to increase your capacity and add a different dining element for patrons. Whether you create a back patio eating area or provide al fresco dining out front, you’ll want to furnish your outdoor space with weather-resistant tables and chairs. 

Tables that are space-saving and versatile - Maximizing Space: Space-Saving Furniture Solutions for Small Restaurants

Consider stackable and foldable chairs that are easy to store when not in use. Bistro chairs are a great option for patio or street-side dining because they stack together, have seats and backings made of comfortable sling fabric, and feature rust-proof aluminum frames hand-painted to look like bamboo. If you prefer stackable dining chairs with arms, there are a number of plastic resin, recycled plastic, and aluminum options to choose from with slatted styles, woven designs, and the look of faux wood to fit your individual style. 

Your outdoor tables should be made of the same resilient materials as your chairs. Whether you choose round pedestal tables that collapse for easy storage or square bistro tables that leave a smaller footprint, make sure your commercial dining tables have adjustable leg levelers to keep the table balanced on uneven outdoor surfaces. Create an eclectic look by mixing up table and chair styles or opt for a more complete look with patio table and chair sets.

Want to offer a little privacy in your outdoor dining area? Add portable fencing panels and posts to help separate your diners from parking lots, nearby businesses or passersby. Made of either powder-coated steel or heavy-duty plastic resin that can be fortified with water or sand, portable fencing provides seclusion and elegance to your outdoor restaurant space.



As a small restaurateur, it can be challenging to create a comfortable dining experience in a limited space. In order to maximize your investment, restaurant interior designers recommend following this three-step plan to properly furnish your establishment: 

  1. Assess your current layout: Take a critical look at your existing setup to identify problem areas that could be improved. Take into consideration the flow of traffic, the functionality of the space, and the comfort of your guests. Ask your waitstaff for their feedback as well to ensure you’re not missing anything.

  2. Plan your space effectively: Before you purchase any new furniture, use a floor planning tool or app to visualize different layouts. Digital tools like Room Sketcher and SmartDraw can be used for minimal to no cost and provide a number of templates and drag-and-drop graphics to help you build out your dining space. During this design phase, remember that each seating grouping – which includes the table with chairs – should be set at least 24 to 30 inches apart from one another. 

  3. Invest in high-quality, commercial dining furniture: Furnish your space with furniture that is durable, modular, easy to clean, and designed to save space. Commercial dining furniture provides all these benefits and is made with quality materials such as solid wood, plastic-coated metal, aluminum, plastic resin, and recycled plastic to stand up to daily use and abuse. 


Make the most of your small restaurant venture by proactively mapping out your dining area to create a comfortable yet functional floor plan. Then, shop Furniture Leisure to find the perfect restaurant furniture that will complement your style, create a great flow, and impress your guests. We offer an extensive catalog of commercial-grade furniture from the best manufacturers here in the USA. Along with premium products, we also provide superior customer service to help guide you on your furniture-buying journey. If you have a question about our products, want to customize your order, or are unsure what the best solution is for your application, call us at 800-213-2401 or email Sales@FurnitureLeisure.com and one of our friendly Furniture Leisure experts will assist you. 


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