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Dogipot Pet Stations

Meet at the Dogipot pet stations to make your dog walk a clean one with the original dog waste pet stations. Dogipot pet stations are the original dog waste pick up stations for dog litter in public common areas. Pet stations are units made to instruct and facilitate pet waste pick up. Popular at HOA's, apartments, and public dog walk areas the Dogipot pet station dispenses pet litter pick up bags and provide collection for doggy doody. The pet station includes an instructional sign, dogipot bag dispenser, installation post and dog litter waste container for the complete Pet Station. Don't step in it! Picked it up with the pet station.

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Dogipot Pet Stations keep it clean by allowing dog owners to pick it up

If you walk the dog do it with Dogipot products. Pet stations were invented by Dogipot and can be found anywhere people walk their dogs. Dogipot means you can walk in confidence without stepping in it.

Pet stations consist of a dispenser for biodegradable litter pick up bags, a sign to instruct users what to do with the dog poop, and a receptacle to discard the dog poop bag.

Dogipot makes different models to give you choices. The Poly pet station is the least expensive and has a strong plastic receptacle and dispenser for bags. The original Dogipot pet station is made from Aluminum and is long lasting. Again all Dogipot pet stations have the dispenser, instructions, and receptacles.

Dogipot products are all considered as commercial outdoor products to the parks and recreation industry, military installations, government institutions, schools, universities, medical facilities and commercial areas where pets are allowed.