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Outdoor Concrete Benches

Concrete Benches from Furniture Leisure decorate city walkways, public parks, bike paths, and city streets nationwide. Our wide concrete bench selection comes from the leading concrete manufacturers in the USA. We offer a variety of outdoor concrete products to complement a concrete bench, including concrete picnic tables, trash receptacles, and planters. We can ship all concrete products from the same warehouse, allowing you to save on shipping costs. Lift gates are automatically included, so delivery is a breeze. Concrete benches are vandal-proof and weather-resistant, making them the perfect 24/7 outdoor bench.

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Metro Concrete Bench with Back - 600 lbs.


Urban Concrete Bench with Back - 500 lbs.


Concrete Park Benches - The ultimate commercial outdoor bench solution

Concrete benches from Furniture Leisure offer a true “set it and forget it” solution for park or city managers looking to offer permanent outdoor seating. Our concrete benches are perfect for areas that are routinely left unsupervised as they are virtually theft and vandal-proof due to their immense weight! Each bench is constructed with precast reinforced concrete, which is molded and then cured in a time-tested process that has been proven to create one of the most durable outdoor benches in the world.

All of our concrete benches are available in a range of natural tones that blend in with just about any environment. The beautiful tones will never fade as the dyes are infused with the concrete during the molding process. This guarantees a great-looking bench for years to come with minimal maintenance! Many concrete benches also offer an “aggregate textured” finish on the frames in addition to the color. Choose from textures such as exposed aggregate (rougher, large pebble), Weatherstone, or smooth Acid Wash stain.

Our concrete park benches also come in a range of styles from classic, timeless designs to the latest modern styles. Many benches also offer backless designs if that is required. You can be sure to find the right concrete bench at furniture leisure. Need a logo? We got that covered too! Our Westlake series bench offers the perfect place for a city emblem or school mascot! Call our expert staff today to inquire about customized logo concrete benches.

What Makes Outdoor Concrete Benches Durable?

One of the biggest advantages of concrete benches is their extreme durability. Concrete is practically immune to damage from wind, rain, ice, temperature fluctuations, sunlight, and wear and tear. Concrete benches are also reinforced with steel, providing sturdy construction and longevity. A well-made concrete bench can easily last 30 years or more with minimal maintenance required.

The dense, solid nature of concrete prevents rot, cracks, splinters, and erosion problems. It won't warp, bend, or become brittle and fragile over time. Properly sealed and treated concrete is also resistant to staining and discoloration. These qualities make the concrete bench outdoors-friendly and low-maintenance.

All concrete furnishings, like concrete planters and cement barn pieces, are made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials that handle the elements well. Plus, the surface is often sealed to ensure the bench remains durable and easy to maintain.

The Contemporary Appeal

The contemporary look of concrete blends well with modern landscape design. Unpainted concrete has an attractive, minimalist gray appearance that fits right in with contemporary architecture and style sensibilities. Concrete's neutral tone also serves as a simple backdrop to brightly colored plants, flowers, and landscaping materials.

Concrete benches strike an ideal balance between blending into the surroundings and adding unique visual interest. The versatility of concrete allows you to match the existing surrounding color scheme and style for a cohesive look.

Choosing the Right Concrete Bench

When selecting a concrete bench, consider your specific needs in terms of size, shape, style, and coloring. A longer curved bench invites conversation and interaction, while a short individual bench offers singular seating. Opt for attached concrete benches for convenience and mobility or a backless concrete bench for quick sitting. Add side or back elements for comfort and support.

Consider an ornate style for a garden area or sleek, plain benches for modern minimalism. Choose from earth-tone stains, vibrant colors, or classic gray. Be sure to select quality construction from solid weather-resistant concrete. With the right concrete bench selection, you'll enjoy durable, stylish, and comfortable outdoor seating for decades to come.

Ideal Placement of Concrete Benches

One benefit of concrete's sturdiness is flexibility in placement. Concrete benches can be installed nearly anywhere outdoors and hold up well. Optimal placement will depend on your goals.

Benches situated around a garden, landscape feature, or tree make an inviting area to stop and enjoy the scenery. Arrange benches facing choice views or focal points. Public spaces should have benches along walking paths to provide rest spots. Concrete benches also pair well with other hardscapes like fountains and tile or brick patios for a coordinated style.

Maintaining Concrete Benches

The low-maintenance nature of concrete benches takes much of the work out of preserving their longevity and appearance. However, annual inspection and minor upkeep are recommended. Clear dirt, debris, bird droppings, and fallen leaves from the bench surface as needed. Repair minor chips, cracks, holes, and etching using concrete patching compound. Address any faded coloring with concrete stain.

Power wash benches annually using just medium pressure and pH-neutral, cleaners as harsh chemicals can damage concrete. Re-seal benches every 2-3 years using penetrating concrete sealers for optimal water resistance and protection. With just simple occasional maintenance, an outdoor concrete bench should serve outdoor spaces beautifully for decades on end.

Buy Outdoor Concrete Benches At Furniture Leisure

If you're in search of a durable, aesthetically pleasing seating option for your patio, garden, or outdoor living space, an outdoor concrete bench is an ideal choice. Leading retailer Furniture Leisure offers an extensive selection of quality pre-cast concrete benches in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to suit any space. Our concrete benches are made by expert craftsmen using top-grade materials to ensure weather resistance, strength, and longevity.

At Furniture Leisure, you can choose from contemporary curved benches, ornate decorative benches, backless options, and benches with backs and arms. You can also customize dimensions, colors, patterns, and engravings to match your vision. Furniture Leisure concrete benches arrive ready for quick simple installation on your property. All their concrete benches are guaranteed to provide a lifetime of functionality and curb appeal.


How long do concrete benches last?

Concrete benches are known for their long-lasting nature. A concrete bench does not erode quickly, nor does it succumb to the elements like wind and rain. Besides their robustness, they do not fade or peel, which retains their visual quality for a long time. Based on the concrete's quality, the environment, and how well they are maintained, an outdoor concrete bench can last anywhere from several decades to a lifetime.

Are outdoor concrete benches weather-resistant?

One of the primary reasons property owners opt for concrete benches is their weather resistance. They are resistant to a wide range of weather conditions, including rain, snow, extreme temperatures, and wind, making them an efficient choice for outdoor furniture. Concrete park benches, for instance, can withstand intense summertime heat and harsh winters. When coated with weather-resistant sealers, they also bounce off water, reducing any risks of cracking or freezing in colder climates.

How do you secure a cement bench?

Securing a cement bench involves sturdy components that can resist theft, vandalism, accidental tipping, or high winds. Here are a few ways you can securely lock your outdoor concrete bench:

  • You can bolt the bench down to the ground. This method requires drilling holes into a flat concrete bench and fastening it using heavy-duty bolts to secure it down to the patio or ground.
  • You can use a cement adhesive. This involves applying a layer of concrete adhesive on the bottom of the bench before placing it in the desired spot. The hardened adhesive offers a secure lock, keeping the cement bench in place.
  • For park benches, you could use in-ground mount installation. This method works well for parks with concrete benches, trash receptacles, and bike racks. The park bench is securely affixed to the ground, minimizing any chance of it getting dislodged.

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