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Commercial Wood Benches

Commercial wooden benches are the perfect fit for parks, bike trails, and other outdoor and indoor areas. With their natural design and appearance, they easily blend in with surrounding trees and fields, while also lending a distinctive, classic look to restaurants, offices, and other commercial settings.

Available in a wide range of styles, our wooden benches include players-style team benches made with solid treated southern yellow pine and ornate cast-aluminum Victorian benches with beautiful finished white oak slats. Each of our outdoor wooden benches is durable and designed for long-term functionality and value.


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Bryce IPE Bench with Back - 4ft., 6ft., or 8ft.


Cross Leg Wooden Bench without Back


Traditional Styles & Durable Seating in Any Environment

At Furniture Leisure, our wooden park benches use only the highest-quality pre-finished wood to prevent splinters, wood rot, and other common problems associated with imported wood benches. Steel and powder-coated aluminum frames provide a sturdy base for the benches that will never rust or discolor. Our benches are designed to weather beautifully, holding up under frequent use in any climate. By periodically applying clear preservative coats or stains to these benches, they can maintain their appearance for years

Our outdoor wood benches are available in several styles and sizes, from simple backless benches with rolled edges to more ornate Victorian and Renaissance-style benches reminiscent of early American train stations and city streets. An excellent example of a commercial wood bench is the downtown strap metal bench. This bench features a galvanized steel frame with white oak slats that provide comfort and durability. The classic steel strap bench design brings elegance to any outdoor area.

Whether you need simple yellow pine benches for a ballpark or beautiful Colonial-style oak creations to add old-time elegance to a garden or walking path, the friendly team at Furniture Leisure will help you find a perfect seating solution that will please your patrons for years to come.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Commercial Wood Bench

When it comes to site furnishings, one of the most popular options is the commercial wood bench. This elegant, staple outdoor furniture enhances the aesthetics of both indoor environments and outdoor spaces, such as downtown areas and memorial parks. When selecting a wood bench for your business or public space, there are several important factors to take into account:

  • Intended Use - Consider how the bench will be used. Is it for a high-traffic public area like a park or mall? Will it be exposed to the elements? Do you need a bench that can withstand heavy use? This will impact the type of wood, hardware, and construction method you choose.
  • Comfort - Benches designed for commercial settings prioritize durability, but comfort is still important. Look for contoured seats, ergonomic backrests, and smooth, sanded edges. The style of the bench can also impact comfort. Backless benches tend to be less comfortable than those with backs.
  • Appearance - The style, wood type, and finish will define the aesthetic. Classic wooden bench styles like rectangular, curved, or A-frame can complement both traditional and modern spaces. Stains, paints, and clear coats allow customization of color. Durable tropical hardwoods like teak and ipe have unique natural grains.
  • Maintenance - Outdoor benches require more maintenance. Look for woods like cedar, cypress, or treated pine that can withstand weather elements. Stained wood needs periodic refinishing. Ensure hardware is weather-resistant. Check that the bench is easy to clean and sanitize if needed.
  • Customization - Many commercial bench manufacturers offer custom sizing and design options. This allows benches to be tailored exactly to your space and functional needs. Custom logos or messages can also be engraved or embedded.
  • Cost - Benches can range dramatically in cost depending on size, materials, construction, and custom designs. Evaluate both upfront and ongoing maintenance costs. Quality commercial benches tend to have higher upfront costs but greater durability over time.

Maintaining and Caring for Commercial Wood Benches

Properly maintaining a wood bench is crucial to ensuring its longevity. Regular care involves cleaning, repairing damage promptly, and applying protective finishes periodically. For example, white oak slats should be resealed every year to maintain their glow and ensure longevity.

Commercial wooden benches also benefit from thorough cleaning at least once a year. For this, suitable wood cleaner, warm water, and soft cloth should be used. After cleaning, a protective sun shield or wood protector should be applied to prevent UV damage.

For benches with a steel or cast aluminum frame, it's important to check for any rust. If rust does appear, sand the spot down or treat it with a commercial rust remover. To protect the steel from future rusting, it should be treated with corrosion-resistant products. A wax or powder-coated bench frame can retain its shine and color for much longer.


What type of wood is best for commercial park benches?

The most common wood for commercial park benches is pressure-treated pine because it is strong, durable, and weather-resistant. Other popular options include hardwoods such as Western Red Cedar, a solid hardwood that is naturally resistant to insect damage and decay. Other options include oak and ipe, which are also strong and durable woods ideal for outdoor furniture. 

However, there are other options for sustainability-conscious consumers. For instance, recycled plastic slats can mimic the look of wood but offer increased longevity and durability. It’s common to see this material used in site furnishings like a buddy bench or a memorial bench.

How long do wooden benches last?

The lifespan of a commercial wooden bench varies based on the type of wood used, construction, exposure to the elements, maintenance, and care instructions for the particular bench as provided by the manufacturer. Typically, an outdoor wooden bench can last from 3-15 years with proper care.

To ensure the longevity of your bench, regular cleaning to remove debris and dirt is necessary. It is also recommended to apply a protective sealant, such as polyurethane, to prevent wood rot and solar damage in areas with higher exposure to weather and other elements. Lastly, regularly inspecting the hardware and tightening any loose screws is advised for the best outcome.

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