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Commercial Shade Structures: The Many Uses and Benefits

While you can't alter the temperature of the great outdoors, you can feel more comfortable standing in the shade. Getting out of the sun can make the temperature of the surrounding area feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler — plus it reduces your exposure to UV rays.

Commercial shade structures are artificial shades that provide these benefits and others in a variety of locations, letting businesses and organizations offer comfortable, fun external environments to guests, customers, and the general public. With things heating up across the United States — 70 million people were under a heatwave in July 2019 — every opportunity for a cooler, safer environment helps.

Commercial Shade Structures: The many uses and benefitsBenefits of Commercial Shade Structures

Shade covers and structures make the experience at pools, playgrounds, stadiums and other open area properties more pleasant through a wide range of benefits.

  • Fabric Shade Over Picnic Table and Playground

    Provides shade. While fun in the sun is a great way to get your daily intake of Vitamin D and boost your mood, you know what they say about all things in moderation. This is especially important during the summer months when the sun rides high and strong in many locations. Providing permanent shade solutions in areas like parks and playgrounds lets people of all ages have their fun and then take a much-needed break under protected areas for rest and relaxation away from potentially harmful UV rays.
  • Heat reduction. Shade doesn't make the air around you cooler, but it does block the heat increase that's associated with direct sunlight. When people can retreat beneath these covers, they can enjoy outdoor areas longer without overheating. Also keeping the sun off equipment and other surfaces can reduce wear and make them more comfortable for use. Shade structures for schools, for example, can keep metal playground parts, bleachers, picnic tables, or benches cooler so they're safer and more enjoyable to play and sit on.
  • Protect skin. Plenty of opportunities to play, rest and work in the shade helps people reduce risks for skin cancer or other epidermal UV damage. Shade can be especially important for those at greater risk, such as seniors and children.
  • Eye-catching. Colorful, cleverly designed shade structures draw attention from passersby, attracting more traffic to a location or business. A Sail Shade, for example, can be fashion into catchy geometric patterns using multiple multicolored canopies.


Shade Structures for Playgrounds and Many Other Locations

Wherever people may work, play or sit outdoors, commercial shade structures make the time much more enjoyable. That means businesses and organizations of all types can utilize these covers to help drive metrics such as customer satisfaction, ticket sales, and overall revenues.

Other areas where these structures provide benefits include:

  • Commercial Shade Over Bleachers Stadiums — including in the stands, over the sports teams, along areas where lines may form and in the parking lot
  • Residential properties — for use as a carport or covered patio or entertainment spaces
  • Parking areas — especially where pay or shuttle stations are located, as the shade structure can protect against sun and light rain
  • Industrial lots — to protect equipment such as chemical storage areas for community pools or generators
  • Zoos and Amusement Parks - to provide cooler environments around exhibits, shows, and dining spaces near restaurants.
  • Military and Airports – to protect stored vehicles such as helicopters or planes. They can also cover cargo loading areas, shuttle areas, personnel walkways, and offer shade throughout the extensive properties
  • Commercial Sail Shade Over Bleachers

    Hotel – to shade patrons and staff creating a more inviting and hospitable atmosphere both around the pool and outdoor dining areas.
  • HOA and Community Pools
  • Restaurant
  • Dog Parks and Doggie Day Care
  • Schools
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Parking Lots
  • Waterparks
  • Churches
  • Daycares


Types of Commercial Shade Structures to Consider

The best shade benefits come when you match the right type of structure to your space.

Commercial Shade Over BleachersShade umbrellas are a great way to provide a single-pole cover for a smaller, permanent shaded space.  

Shade cantilevers work well when you want maximum shade but don't have the ground room for more than two poles. This leaves the covered area open, so it would reduce liabilities and not obstruct views.

Hip end shades typically require four poles and can cover an extensive amount of square footage, making them the go-to options for parks, schools and large commercial properties. Hip end shades can be used to cover playground equipment for entire picnic areas, effectively creating a pavilion that protects equipment and people. They are also the most shade for the price.

 Sail shades offer similar benefits, though the style of these covers includes gaps that let bits of the sun through. The fun look of sail shades adds ambiance to any property near the water or pool and they're also ideal for amusement parks and hotels.


If you are interested in a commercial shade structure, Furniture Leisure got you covered! Contact us today to discuss options that will work best for your property and needs.

Hyperbolic Sail Shade

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