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Shade Structures for Outdoor Comfort

Outdoor shade structures provide an excellent way to carve out comfortable spaces for relaxation, dining, and entertainment. With proper shade coverage, it's possible to enjoy your yard, patio, or deck even during the hottest and sunniest parts of the day. Furniture Leisure offers a wide selection of high-quality shade structures made from durable materials like polyethylene canopies and galvanized steel frames.

Whether you need a freestanding umbrella, a sail shade for the patio, or a cantilevered awning attached to your home, Furniture Leisure has stylish and functional options to meet your outdoor shading needs.

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Types of Shade Structures from Furniture Leisure

Furniture Leisure provides several types of outdoor shade structures to match both residential and commercial spaces:


  • Shade Umbrellas are a popular choice, giving you the flexibility to easily reposition shade as needed. They come in center pole and offset designs, with 8 to 12-foot diameter options and custom sizing for playground shade structures. Their poles can be permanently mounted or use a portable base stand.
  • Shade Cantilevers are fixed or retractable awnings that attach to a wall or roof overhang. This style provides adjustable coverage as the sun moves and protects against rain. Our standard cantilever shades are made from rust-resistant aluminum and come in widths up to 13 feet. We also offer custom sizing for field dugouts.
  • Hip End Shades utilize a triangular polyethylene canopy suspended from a freestanding galvanized steel frame. They make an attractive focal point in any outdoor area. Furniture Leisure offers hip-end shades up to 12 feet wide and customized sizing options for playground shades.
  • Sail Shades mount fabric sails on poles to deliver triangle, square, or rectangular shade. The sail material is weather and fade-resistant. Pole options include wood, aluminum, or steel. Furniture Leisure's sails range from 8 to 14 feet.


Benefits of Shade Structures

Shade structures provide a multitude of important benefits that enhance outdoor living spaces, including:


  • Protection from UV Rays: Whether for over playground equipment to protect children from the heat or park equipment such as picnic tables for a more pleasant stay, shades made of UV-blocking polyethylene fabric prevent up to 95% of harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching your skin. This allows you to sit, dine, and play outside safely.
  • Allows Outdoor Living: By comfortably blocking sunlight and dropping temperatures, shade structures let you make use of your yard or patio, even during hot, sunny weather.
  • Creates Relaxation Zones: Designate cozy spots for lounging, conversation, or al fresco meals by adding shade to your deck, poolside, or garden spaces.
  • Lowers Indoor Cooling Costs: Shades that shelter windows and walls reduce heat gain indoors. This decreases the energy usage and expense of air conditioning.
  • Shelter from Elements: Shade sails and umbrellas protect from light rain showers. They also provide a buffer from strong winds and flying debris.


Shade Structure Materials

Furniture Leisure constructs shade structures from durable, long-lasting materials. The polyethylene canopy fabric is woven to block 95% of UV rays while allowing airflow. It resists fading, mildew, and tearing for years of sun and weather exposure.


Our shade structure design of galvanized steel poles and frames maximizes corrosion resistance without rusting or decomposing. This heavy-duty steel withstands winds up to 90 mph when properly installed.


Together, these quality materials enable Furniture Leisure shades to provide lasting UV protection and performance, season after season, with minimal maintenance required. Our structures are built to last while shading outdoor areas.


Shade Structure Maintenance

Proper maintenance keeps your shade structure looking its best and enhances its longevity by preventing deterioration. Do keep in mind basic maintenance steps to maximize the lifespan of your shade system:


  • Clean fabric with mild soap and water. Use mildew remover for stubborn stains.
  • Ensure drainage to prevent water pooling. Clear debris.
  • Check for rust on frames. Touch up with paint as needed.
  • Tighten hardware over time.
  • Take down or secure shades in heavy winds, storms, or snow.


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Trust Furniture Leisure for Your Shade Structure Needs

As a leading outdoor furniture provider for over 20 years, Furniture Leisure is committed to meeting both residential and commercial shade structure needs. Our extensive selection of quality shade options is focused on delivering long-lasting performance and complete customer satisfaction. This durable construction allows our shade structures to provide lasting performance and stand up to years of sun, rain, and wind, whereas many commercial shade structures from other providers lack this durability.


Furniture Leisure shade structures are fully customizable with many colors, sizes, mounting, and glide elbow options. Our team provides design expertise to help select the perfect shade style and size for any space, whether residential or commercial. We offer solutions to match your taste, budget, and shading needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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