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Commercial Outdoor Benches

Commercial outdoor park benches from Furniture Leisure are found in City Parks, Universities, Sports Complexes, and Commercial buildings of all types across the USA! We have supplied heavy duty park benches for over 13 years to some of the world’s most esteemed businesses and organizations. Our vast collection of outdoor park benches includes many materials such as wood, plastic coated, concrete, aluminum, recycled plastic, and buddy benches! A Memorial park bench is a welcome sight along any walking path or trail providing a nice place to rest and take the scenery in. Our various styles of benches are popular on main streets all over the nation and with us, you can be sure you are buying quality craftsmanship that is made in the USA. Shop the largest outdoor bench collection with unbeatable prices and fast delivery at Furniture Leisure! 

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Furniture Leisure has park benches in every type and style

Furniture Leisure offers one of the widest selection of commercial grade park benches found anywhere on the web! Our outdoor park benches are constructed using commercial-grade wood, concrete, aluminum, fiberglass, recycled plastic, and other materials to provide solid, dependable seating solutions to the commercial customer. Whether you need public outdoor garden benches for a city walking path or comfortable seating for your restaurant waiting area, our team will help you find the styles and materials that work best for you and your patrons. Contact our office today, and our experts will help you find the right park benches for your needs and budget.

The following factors can help you select the right park benches for your outdoor seating needs:

While a backless sports bench is ideal for a baseball dugout at the city park, it’s hardly the best solution for an upscale office park. Furniture Leisure offers benches in a wide range of styles that fit perfectly with any ambiance—from contoured street benches and Victorian public outdoor garden benches to concrete benches with customized logo options and minimalist sports benches, we can help you find the right style for any location.

With heavy duty park benches available in wood, concrete, recycled plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, polyethylene-coated steel, and more, it’s easy to find a seating solution that can hold up under extensive public use while still staying within your budget. By carefully considering your maintenance capabilities, as well as your benches’ potential exposure to moisture, salt, and other corrosive elements, you can select a material that will be perfectly suited to your unique environment without compromising style or function.

Seating Accommodations
The average person needs about 18 inches of space to sit comfortably, and your usage requirements for your park benches make the size of your bench an important factor to consider. After all, while the average city park can get by with shorter benches designed to fit only two or three people, this is hardly an adequate solution when you need sideline seating for a high school football team. Furniture Leisure’s commercial park benches range from four to 21 feet in length, ensuring that you can find comfortable seating solutions for any situation

Do you still need help determining which outdoor park benches are right for you? Contact the expert team at Furniture Leisure today, and we’ll help you find the perfect match for your needs. With fast shipping and unbeatable prices, you’ll be able to enjoy new, high-quality park benches for your facility in no time!

Think about the gardens, walking paths, bike paths, park trails and rest stops where these benches are used. Concrete, recycled plastic, resin, wood, plastic coated steel and aluminum materials are all commonly used for a good sturdy bench.

Many benches have black, green or brown frames to blend them in the to background scenery. Like many site amenities, people take benches for granted expecting them to show up on the trail for rest and relaxation. I have seen log benches where a tree has been cut in half and creative molds at Disney with Mickey Mouse, or Goofy plastic benches at theme parks. Universal studios and Sea World have their own special benches.

You just can’t beat a good bench! Trail Benches, Park benches, theme park benches, garden benches, street benches, sports benches and church benches are as common as a hotdog on 4th of July!

Outdoor benches include many style commercial benches for outdoor use. Custom Logo Benches are extremely popular with schools, sports teams, and companies. Commercial quality, our huge outdoor selections include concrete benches, plastic coated benches, recycled plastic benches, metal benches, steel benches, wooden benches,  Victorian benches, and designer benches.

Outdoor benches are used as companion products for our other commercial products such as picnic tables, pool furniture, deck furniture, grills, public bike racks and waste containers. These outdoor benches and commercial outdoor products are used by the parks and recreation industry, military installations, government institutions, schools, universities, medical facilities and other businesses many years.

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