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Commercial Concrete Benches

Commercial concrete benches provide durable, long-lasting outdoor seating solutions for parks, public spaces, malls, and more. Made from dense, solid concrete, these benches can withstand tough weather conditions and constant use without cracking or splintering like wood. Commercial concrete bench designs are available in a variety of styles and multiple color options, textures, and engraved imprints to complement any landscape or architecture. With strength, versatility, and low maintenance, concrete benches are a smart investment for commercial venues seeking functional, quality seating.

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Find High-Quality Commercial Concrete Benches at Furniture Leisure

At Furniture Leisure, we offer an extensive selection of commercial-grade concrete benches to meet your outdoor seating needs. Our benches come in a variety of types including contoured designs, options with and without backs, and more. We use dense, durable concrete that can withstand all weather conditions and resist cracks, chips, rust, and corrosion. You can choose from various subtle color tints, smooth or textured finishes, and engraved imprints.


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What Are the Benefits of Commercial Concrete Benches?

Commercial concrete benches are among the most durable and practical pieces of site furnishings in urban spaces such as city parks, school campuses, athletic centers, and retail districts. These benches offer numerous advantages that make them a top choice for commercial outdoor seating. While classic straight concrete bench designs are most common, ergonomic comfort can also be achieved with options like Furniture Leisure's contoured backless concrete park bench featuring a curved and angled seat. Made properly, concrete benches are extremely durable, low maintenance, and designed to last for decades.


Specific benefits of commercial concrete benches include:


  • Highly durable and weather resistant, able to withstand heavy use, rain, snow, and temperature extremes without cracking or rotting
  • Long lifespan exceeding 30+ years with minimal upkeep required
  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean off dirt, food, debris, and graffiti
  • Mold, mildew, insect, and fire resistant
  • Customizable with a wide variety of color and texture options
  • Can be engraved with logos or city emblems for personalization
  • Cost-effective compared to natural stone benches
  • Resistant to damage from blunt force


Concrete benches are a smart, long-lasting investment that can withstand decades of use while requiring minimal upkeep.


The Durability of Commercial Concrete Benches: Built to Last

Commercial concrete benches are designed and constructed to be highly durable, enabling them to outlast wood or plastic bench alternatives. Reinforced concrete is intrinsically strong, stable, and weather-resistant.


Concrete bench slabs are solid and void-free, without weak points that could lead to breakdown. High-grade concrete is further enhanced to resist damage from moisture, salt, and freezing temperatures. The material will not splinter, peel, warp, or rot away like wood when exposed to the elements. Proper finishing provides a stain-, mold- and mildew-proof surface.


Ideal Areas for Commercial Concrete Benches

The incredible durability of concrete makes it the ideal material for parks and other outdoor environments that get constant daily use. Our concrete park benches are an excellent choice for a variety of public venues including:


  • Public parks and green spaces: Withstand all weather and secure to the ground in open parks.
  • Shopping malls and retail centers: Complement architectural designs while allowing flexibility in placement.
  • Transit stations and bus stops: Endure high-traffic locations and deter vandalism.
  • Corporate campuses and offices: Convey professionalism for building exteriors.
  • Zoos, gardens, and museums: Blend in aesthetically with nature and cultural settings.
  • Municipal sites like playgrounds: Require little maintenance in family recreation areas.
  • Sporting venues and stadiums: Safely accommodate crowds.
  • Hospitality sites such as hotels: Provide appealing exterior seating for guests.


How to Maintain Your Commercial Concrete Bench

Proper maintenance keeps commercial concrete benches looking like new while maximizing their longevity. Regular cleaning is the most important maintenance task. Use a mild soap and water solution to remove dirt, debris, and other accumulated grime from the bench surface and legs. For tough graffiti, professional strength cleaners or cleaning services may be required for full removal.


Additional tips for maintaining commercial concrete benches include:


  • Inspect benches routinely checking for cracks, chips, or other damage, especially on edges and mounting hardware.
  • Keep the area around benches clear of litter through trash cans, recycling bins, and regular ground maintenance. This prevents damage.
  • Repair minor cracks and chips as soon as they occur using a concrete patching compound in the matching bench color.
  • Consider protective sealants or anti-graffiti coatings for benches prone to vandalism.
  • Secure bolts if benches become loose or wobbly over time.
  • Re-finish and re-seal benches as needed to refresh their appearance after many years.


With proper precautions and care, commercial concrete benches will maintain structural integrity and visual appeal for decades of use.


About Furniture Leisure

With over 20 years of experience, Furniture Leisure is a leading provider of high-quality commercial and residential outdoor furniture and accessories. Our knowledgeable staff offers personalized service to simplify purchasing and deliver the right products to complete outdoor projects for both public and private properties. We carry top brands like Telescope Casual, Polywood, and Grosfillex and ship factory direct while providing quantity discounts to meet any budget. As an established family business since 2003, we are dedicated to superior products, competitive pricing, and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. Thousands of customers have trusted us to enhance commercial properties and private residences across the country with beautiful, durable outdoor furniture.


From any of our websites, request a free quote on any outdoor furniture project you're working on, or call 1-800-213-2401.



Are concrete benches good?

Concrete is an ideal material for commercial benches because it is extremely durable and weather-resistant, requiring little maintenance compared to wood. Well-made concrete benches hold up for decades of intensive daily use in high-traffic public spaces like parks, malls, and transit centers. The design flexibility of concrete also allows benches to complement any outdoor landscape through a selection of colors, textures, and shapes.

How long do concrete benches last?

With proper installation and routine maintenance, high-quality commercial concrete benches typically last 30-50 years or more before needing replacement. The longevity is due to concrete's inherent strength and durability as a construction material resistant to weather, wear, and damage when produced at the proper thickness and density. Well-made concrete benches are designed to serve public spaces for decades with minimal upkeep required.

Is a concrete bench cheaper than a stone?

Yes, concrete benches are more affordable and cost-effective seating options compared to natural quarried stone benches of similar sizes and designs. While stone is seen as an upscale prestige material, precast concrete can deliver exceptional durability and longevity at a fraction of the price, making it ideal for cost-conscious commercial settings needing stable, low-maintenance outdoor furniture. concrete provides a smart value substitute for stone.


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