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Customization and Branding Opportunities with Commercial Benches
Customization and Branding Opportunities with Commercial Benches

Commercial custom benches allow effective branding or commemorating lost loved ones. Public benches enable personalization, from engraved names and messages memorializing individuals to company logos reinforcing brand identities. These fixtures subtly advertise to the masses through material selection and color coordination.


Major building materials like concrete, thermoplastic, and recycled plastic enable superb memorialization through engraving and etching meaningful texts or icons. Smooth surfaces beautifully accept custom lettering and designs for remembrance. Brands also select colors or aesthetic matches to trademark schemes. We provide customizable plaques for attaching commemorations and logo displays as well.


With numerous personalization avenues, benches transform into memorial platforms and manifestations of brands. Strategic customization allows extremely functional benches to promote entities to daily audiences while providing spaces for community remembrance and reflection.


Ideal Locations for Custom Benches


Choosing bench styles for different venues can be challenging. More importantly, strategic placement is key to maximizing memorial and brand awareness from customized commercial park benches. When considering locations, prime spots feature high visitor frequency and sunlight exposure. Recommended venues include:

  • Schools: Benches on quads, courtyards, and gardens reach students/faculty daily
  • Parks: Along busy walking paths and trails to encounter nature lovers
  • Cemeteries: Provide comforting rest amidst reflection for regular cemetery visitors
  • Stadiums: Near entrances/popular viewing areas target passionate sports fans
  • Public Squares: Town square benches contact locals during community events
  • Bus Stations: Reach commuters while waiting to ride public transportation

Evaluating foot traffic patterns, sunlight, and population habits ensures ideal positioning. Benches located along well-lit, high-volume pathways share commemorations and brand identities with more eyes. Strategic placement amplifies the unique personalization abilities of customized benches. For tips on installing outdoor park benches for maximum comfort, read our guide.


Materials and Color Options


When selecting materials and colors for customized benches, companies should consider their branding goals, budget, and setting. The most brand-friendly bench materials are concrete, thermoplastic, and recycled plastic. These options allow:

  • Concrete
  • Thermoplastic
  • Recycled Plastic

Metal and thermoplastic benches have a range of color samples for customization. With dozens of tones available, brands select schemes complementing logos. Concrete acid washes and weatherstones provide colors, too.


Vibrant or neutral, color schemes make benches eye-catching additions to public spaces while presenting brands. Careful material and color selection enable companies to project the right image through their customized benches.


Branding Options


When it comes to personalizing commercial benches, various branding techniques integrate company identities. From subtle markings to prominent visual flair, customization options make benches natural showcases.


Companies can integrate branding onto commercial benches through:

  • Concrete: May be customized with cast-in-place or silk-screened logos.
  • Thermoplastic: Can be personalized with a custom logo, phrase, or symbol that is manufactured directly onto the back.
  • Recycled Plastic: Includes planks that can be engraved with a customized logo or text.

With artful detailing or prominent plaque attachments, companies neatly feature their brand identities on benches to capture the public eyes. Integrated customization makes practical seating a memorable representation of brands in the spaces they share.


Benefits of Customization


Customizing outdoor commercial benches provides advantages for honoring lost loved ones, brand awareness, and meaningful spaces.


Key benefits include:

  • Improved Visibility: Engraved memorials on benches capture public eyes in high-traffic areas.
  • Lasting Honor: Names/messages memorialized on benches commemorate loved ones for decades.
  • Emotional Refuge: Custom memorial benches offer comforting, dedicated spaces for grieving visitors.
  • Matches Identity: Consistent aesthetic choices aligned with memorials develop recognizable commemorative styles.
  • Unique Recognition: Personalized text/imagery integrated into benches sculpt distinctive tributes.
  • Tailored Experience: Thoughtful ergonomic modifications improve usage for grievers during difficult times.

By taking advantage of customization techniques, companies transform straightforward benches into representations of their brand identities and consumer care while memorial benches sculpt touching tributes. Simple public seating evolves into a recognizable commemorative or brand reinforcement focal point through tailored adaptation. Matching memorial aesthetic styles and adding personal touches improves visibility for grievers while showcasing how branding amenities support communities.


The lifelong impressions functional art benches provide far outweigh the costs through bolstered emotional bonds and subtle advertising for both entities and individuals.


Custom Park Benches from Furniture Leisure


As a leading commercial site furnishing provider for over 15 years, Furniture Leisure takes pride in supplying high-quality benches made right here in the USA. Between schools, parks, universities, restaurants, and more—our superior craftsmanship supports communities across America. As an established vendor, we possess a premier advantage in the breadth and quality of customizable offerings.


While we offer classic wood and metal benches, we specialize in customizable thermoplastic, concrete, and recycled plastic installations. From contemporary designs to traditional styles, we sculpt comfortable, long-lasting furnishings that match unique spaces. We partner with clients to design functional art representative of their organizations through personalized branding amenities.


Elevate your space with outdoor benches. For traditional to innovative furnishings, contact us today to discover how we can help transform your space.


Frequently Asked Questions


What customization options are available?

Major customization options include engraving/etching logos or text, attaching personalized memorial plaques, and selecting from dozens of color/finish choices like powder coating and concrete acid washes.


Do memorial benches need continued maintenance?

Minimal maintenance of cleaning or re-sealing may eventually become needed, but generally, quality materials withstand weathering for memorial longevity barring extreme exposure. Check options for protective covers if concerned.


What maintenance do customized benches require?

Minimal maintenance is needed for most customized benches. Concrete, metal, and plastic should be pressure washed 1-2 times per year. Metal components may need occasional touch-up paint. Engraved areas typically last decades with proper site prep and pad installation to reduce shifting.

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