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The Evolution of Furniture Leisure Inc
The Evolution of Furniture Leisure Inc

As the New Year approaches, it gives pause to reflect on past accomplishments and prepare to set sights even higher on future performances. Furniture Leisure Inc. has come a long way since its humble beginnings back in 2003 and continues to make customers’ needs our number one priority. Throughout the years, Furniture Leisure Inc. has acquired several online sites and tailored them to assist thousands of our customers with their commercial furniture purchases. Whether it be online orders, quote requests, or estimates over the phone, we always strive to make the process of purchasing site amenities as convenient as possible and at the best prices. Below is a glimpse of the acquired sites, changes made, challenges overcome, and new implementations we are looking forward to!


Furniture Leisure Inc.

Furniture Leisure Inc. started in 2003 when long-time travel salesman of hospitality furnishing John Gravlee decided to bring quality commercial outdoor products to a larger audience as the internet and Google boomed in popularity. Together with his wife Aida Gravlee, who specializes in sales and customer service, began the fundamentals that are still seen within the company today! Find out the complete history of how John and Aida’s union nurtured a small family-owned business into a multi-million dollar company on the About Us page!


Furniture Leisure 

The same year, Furniture Leisure officially launched bringing with it a platform for purchasing the greatest commercial outdoor products available in the industry. The site included top-of-the-line selections of commercial picnic tables, commercial pool furniture, trash & ash receptacles, commercial umbrellas, barbecue grills, bike racks, and so much more! 

Furniture Leisure 2017

2008 Furniture Leisure


Today Furniture Leisure carries over most of its older fundamentals but the website has been reconstructed to better serve landing guests. The layout is clean and easy to navigate. Users find their desired products based on category selections and narrowing down chosen options. The website is compatible with tablet and mobile devices for browsing on the go. Our toll-free phone number always displays on the top so you can call anytime you have a question or would like a quote. And as always, a live experienced customer service representative is ready to assist anytime during business hours. Furniture Leisure offers a complete catalog of commercial site furnishing, so guests can order everything they need for their park and pool while saving on cost, shipping, and time when obtaining a written quote. 

Furniture Leisure 2022



Picnic Furniture 2007

Picnic Furniture

Following the success of Furniture Leisure, the site Picnic Furniture was built in 2004. This new site was geared toward the market of commercial picnic tables, trash receptacles, park benches, and other outdoor amenities. Although similar to Furniture Leisure in many ways, Picnic Furniture was configured with different menus for better product access. The setup for Picnic Furniture was designed for a visiting guest to locate the type of picnic table quicker based on the shape and style of the model. 

Throughout the years, Picnic Furniture has undergone a few menu changes and style upgrades to assist customers with product finding better. 

Picnic Furniture 2016

2008 Furniture Leisure

Picnic Furniture is now the leading supplier of outdoor furniture to schools, parks, hotels, apartments, daycare centers, and more! The interface has been simplified and cleared, leaving easy-to-read icons. The site is jammed pack with informative blog posts including custom furniture guides, care & maintenance articles, and other interesting topics regarding commercial outdoor furniture. Pages are free from distractions and products are easily found! A welcome improvement that has been appreciated by all users.Picnic Furniture 2022



Park Tables

Fast forward to 2011, ParkTables.com was acquired. Park Tables' focus was on states and cities looking to add or upgrade the furniture in their parks. The product inventory is exclusive to outdoor park amenities for a convenient one-stop shop experience. 

Park Tables 2019

2012 Park Tables


For well over ten years, Park Tables has provided the best commercial park furniture. But now the product catalog has only gotten better! In addition to state and local parks, Park Tables’ inventory has expanded to include amenities for type-specific parks, such as dog parks, fitness parks, campgrounds, and playgrounds! The product listing only intensifies the site’s objective to provide everything you need for park furnishing in one convenient location!

Park Tables 2022


Pool Furniture Supply 2012

Pool Furniture Supply

While Park Tables is set to meet the needs of parks, Pool Furniture Supply was established to fulfill the needs of commercial pools. Later in 2011, Pool Furniture Supply made its debut with instant success! Customers tasked with buying furniture for their hotels, resorts, HOAs, and waterparks now had a site dedicated to providing them with only the best commercial pool furniture in the industry. Establishments in the hospitality business could invest in furniture for their pool area without needing to replace the furniture yearly after purchasing cheap chaise lounges and patio sets from retail stores. 


Pool Furniture Supply is still the leading provider of commercial pool furniture in the industry! Like all the other sites owned by Furniture Leisure Inc., Pool Furniture Supply has since been given a much-needed upgrade, making it easier for users to browse! Our service now includes pool layouts to further assist customers in their pool renovation projects. 



Picnic Table Supplier

A few years later in 2014, Picnic Table Supplier joined the ranks exclusively to sell… you guess it, picnic tables! Picnic Tables Supplier took the original formula of Picnic Furniture by categorizing commercial picnic tables based on the models’ type and shape while adding picnic tables specific to venues. The design allows a customer to locate a certain type of picnic table without needing to scroll through large listings. PicnicTableSupplier.com was also the first of the sites to arrive on the latest platform during its launch. Currently, Picnic Table Supplier remains unchanged but our developers are working diligently on upgrades to enhance the site’s image and user-friendly interface!

Picnic Table Supplier Current


Overcome Challenges

We are proud to still be a leading provider of commercial outdoor furniture. But the road to Furniture Leisure Inc.’s success was far from paved. Nearly twenty years since start-up search engines have made several reforms to their platforms, changing the way sites are found during searches. We improved all our websites to ensure they stay relevant while never sacrificing customer care or performance. The spawn of Covid-19 sadly was the end of many respectable businesses. But with what seemed like the darkest days for most, Furniture Leisure Inc. shined through with record sales. The proceeding supply shortage of materials did heavily impact the cost of items and left an undetermined lead time expectancy that has never before been seen. Now, most of the materials are steadily coming in. Although there are lead times for custom furniture that remain long, most Quick Ship products are available at one to two weeks again! 

We’re Never Done! More to Come!

There is much on the agenda as we enter 2023 and our twenty-year anniversary!  Picnic Table Supplier as mentioned is expecting a relaunch with new designs and features. The color picker function is set to be on more products giving customers a glimpse of how products will look before purchasing.  Filters are being optimized for quick selective searches. Specification sheets, installation instructions, and care maintenance information will be included on all products when available. And of course, new quality commercial products are added daily!  


Furniture Leisure’s message and motto have been and remain simple: “Where Furniture and Leisure Come Together to Make Life Better.” It is not only to relay the comfortability of the product sold but to express how easy it was to purchase commercial furniture online confidently. Our mission will always be to provide the best commercial outdoor furniture with unmatched customer service. Despite the many challenges, Furniture Leisure Inc. continues to excel through the devotion of dedicated staff, the quality of products and vendors, and the overwhelming support from our customers! Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in the New Year!


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