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What’s That Smell? Three Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Trash Cans Odor-Free and Clean
What’s That Smell? Three Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Trash Cans Odor-Free and Clean

There’s nothing more repelling than stinky, unsightly trash. A pleasant day spent outside at a resort, community pool, park, or sporting event can be spoiled by the sight and smell of exposed garbage. As a business owner, park administrator, or resort manager, keeping trash contained is a constant challenge because, wherever there are people, there is always going to be trash.


Since trash will never completely go away, you need practical solutions to keep your outdoor areas clean and odor-free for visitors. At Furniture Leisure, we believe the best way to combat a potential problem is by being proactive. Our knowledgeable staff has your back when it comes to looking for the best solutions for your commercial outdoor furniture needs – and trash receptacles are no exception. Our extensive catalog features trash receptacles in a variety of sizes, colors, lid options, and materials, including concrete, steel, plastic, and fiberglass. We even give you the option to personalize your cans with your logo. 


As your commercial outdoor trash can expert, we have three ways to ensure your trash cans become the solution instead of the problem in your outdoor space:


Put a lid on it!1. Put a lid on it!

The simplest way to combat bad-smelling trash is by covering it. Trash cans with covers keep the inside waste hidden and, most importantly, the smell contained. When it comes to trash can covers, there are a number of options to choose from:


While push-door and self-closing lid covers provide total trash containment and protection from the hot sun and rain, canopy covers without doors give you a semi-open alternative with overhead protection from the elements. Nothing stinks worse than hot, soggy trash, so avoid the mess and stress with a covered trash receptacle.

Separate trash from recycling2. Separate trash from recycling

Since food scraps and sugary liquids are the leading cause of trash smells and pests, consider placing separate trash and recycling containers on site.Recycling receptacles encourage guests to place their empty plastic and glass products in an easy, open-top receptacle away from the food trash and help the environment while they’re at it. With recyclables and trash separated, your staff can stay on top of the regular trash containers more easily to make sure they’re free of odors and pesky pests. Our 42-Gallon PolyTec™ Plastic Recycling Container Square with Top-Opening Lid is a Furniture Leisure top seller. Made with 25% or greater recyclable polyethylene plastic, this recycling container will not rust, chip, or dent. Our PolyTec Recycling Container is available in two colors and features two different top opening designs, an optional mounting kit, and accessories. For a limited time, it’s being offered at a sale price, so order yours now!

3. SCAN your trash cans regularly

Create a regular schedule to check and maintain your trash receptacles. Whether you manage a 200-room resort or a small community amenity complex, trash areas need to be checked repeatedly throughout the day to ensure they aren’t offensive. Implement Furniture Leisure’s “SCAN” best practices for maintaining a clean and odor-free area around your outdoor trash containers: SCAN your trash cans regularly

With proper trash receptacles and maintenance practices in place, you can create an inviting outdoor space for your guests without the worry of offensive sights and smells. We invite you to browse our complete line of commercial outdoor trash receptacles to find the best trash container solutions for your business, resort, or park. For 20 years we’ve been providing customers high-quality commercial products, stellar customer service, and expert advice to ensure our outdoor furnishings serve a purpose and benefit guests. Call us at 1-800-213-2401 Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST to ask questions, request a quote, or utilize our free consultative services.


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