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Product Spotlight: Bleachers on Wheels
Product Spotlight: Bleachers on Wheels

When you need additional seating but space is at a premium, Furniture Leisure has the perfect solution: tip and roll portable bleachers. Our moveable, tiered bench seating offers so many advantages – including budget-friendly pricing – that you’ll rely on them for extra sitting space at all your spectator events. 

Whether your event is indoors or outside, large or small, we have the tip and roll bleacher lengths, tiers and capacities to accommodate your function. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and options you get with our portable bleachers:

Aluminum or galvanized steel construction

Tip-N-Roll Bleachers

Our tip and roll bleachers are fabricated with your choice of aluminum or galvanized steel, and each has their own unique properties and benefits. Aluminum is lighter than steel, but is more weather- and corrosion-resistant so, if your bleachers will primarily be set up outside, you won’t have to worry about them rusting. Aluminum also has antibacterial properties and is easier to clean.

Galvanized steel, on the other hand, is a bit stronger and more durable than aluminum, so it is less likely to bend or dent under extreme weight or force. If your bleachers will be used inside and regularly, this material may be a better choice for you. 

Both premium frame materials feature non-tip construction, non-slip footing and a bolted assembly; therefore, regardless if you choose aluminum or galvanized steel, your bleachers will provide extra stability when in use.

Multiple configurations and sizes

Product Spotlight - Bleachers on Wheels

No matter what your application, event size, or budget, Furniture Leisure has a bleacher configuration to meet your specific needs. We have bleachers with two rows of benches all the way up to five rows, and bench lengths ranging from 7.5 feet to 27 feet. Larger configurations, like our 21-Foot, 5-Row Tip and Roll Aluminum Bleacher, are ideal for bigger events and spectator sports, accommodating up to 70 adults. Our larger bleachers also include non-marring wood sill legs under the frame to prevent floor scratches and scuffs.

For smaller functions, consider our 7.5-Foot, 3-Row Tip and Roll Bleacher that seats or stands up to 15 adults. This more compact seating option is great for church choirs, small school clubs, and more. This and our other tip and roll bleachers come in two riser heights: 8-inch risers are better for adults because they provide more leg room when they sit, while 6-inch risers are best-suited for children and teenagers. 

With 15 different tip and roll bleacher configurations to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your space.


Tip-N-Roll Bleachers

The biggest benefit of our tip and roll bleachers is that no matter their size, these seating systems are easy to move. Designed with four commercial swivel casters on the back side of the bleachers, simply tilt the unit into the upright position to glide it smoothly to a storage area or against a wall where it takes up minimal floor space. The non-marring caster wheels are extremely durable and won’t damage your floors while in transit. And, for added convenience, our two- and three-row tip and roll bleachers can easily pass through most standard doorways. 

Even our largest model, the 27-Foot, 5-Row Tip and Roll Bleacher, is easy to transport with its heavy-duty casters. When this bleacher is in the upright position, two locking brakes can be engaged to keep the unit from rolling.

Tip and Roll Bleacher Benefits by Furniture Leisure

These versatile seating systems let you create different seating configurations for your events quickly and easily based on room size, function, or need. But, before you order your tip and roll portable bleachers, make sure you plan accordingly:

  • Check your local code requirements before you order to find out if there are any specific requirements for portable bleachers.

  • Due to their size, liftgate delivery service is not available for our bleachers, so be sure you have the resources and equipment to unload the items upon arrival. 

  • While all the main frame components of our bleachers come pre-assembled with bolts, lock washers, and nuts, some assembly is required. 

  • Contact our associates at 800-213-2401 with any questions!

Don’t invest in a heavier bleacher that’s difficult to move; choose Furniture Leisure’s tip and roll so you’ll be ready to rock and roll! 

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