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How to Protect Your Customers With a Commercial Sanitation Station

The world has changed dramatically since the outbreak of COVID-19. Fears about how germs and viruses spread continue to affect how we interact and do business.

Many Americans are uneasy about returning to work, shopping and leisure activities in a post-pandemic world. A nationwide poll by the Washington Post and University of Maryland found that 63% of respondents are still worried about infection and getting sick. A significant majority are concerned about the health risk posed by various businesses, including:

  • Restaurants (74%)
  • Retail stores (66%)
  • Theaters (82%)
  • Barber shops or hair salons (69%)
  • Nail salons (74%)
  • Gyms (78%)
  • Golf courses (59%)

Why You Need to Reassure Customers That They're Safe

What can you do when so many Americans are concerned about activities that were once a routine part of their lives? It's essential for any business that serves the public to demonstrate it's safeguarding customers, even as restrictions are lifted.

This includes cleaning and disinfecting your premises regularly. You can also provide customers with a hand sanitation station so they can protect themselves if they feel vulnerable.

How a Sanitizing Station Puts Your Customers at Ease

COVID-19 and other viruses can spread when droplets land on objects such as tables, doorknobs and handrails after an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks. People who touch these surfaces and their faces are at risk of infection. Health authorities consistently remind us of the importance of washing hands regularly.

There's a risk of transmission in any public space where people gather or cross paths. Commercial sanitation stations stocked with antibacterial wipes are a simple and effective solution for cleaning hands and commonly touched surfaces when soap and water aren't available.

Providing your patrons with a plentiful, complimentary supply of commercial hand sanitizer lets them know you care about their well-being and have taken steps to protect their health. It also allows anxious customers to take precautions so they can better enjoy their experience in your place of business and feel confident in returning.

Where Can You Use a Sanitizing Station?

A free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser can be used indoors or outdoors and should be placed in high-traffic corridors or near entrances and exits.

Here are examples of places a customer may want to use industrial hand sanitizer:

  • Grocery stores and retail: near carts, shopping baskets and self-service checkouts
  • Fast-food restaurants and cafeterias: next to counters, seating and trash receptacles
  • Public restrooms: next to sinks and counters
  • Conference centers, shopping centers and commercial buildings: beside elevators, escalators, water fountains, vending machines, food service areas and lounges
  • Fitness centers and spas: in change rooms, foyers and common areas
  • Offices and workplaces: in boardrooms, meeting rooms and staff break rooms
  • Municipal halls and community centers: next to service counters and along concourses
  • Museums, galleries and libraries: in high-traffic spaces, seating areas and children's play zones
  • Gas stations: next to gas pumps and tire pumps
  • Schools and day cares: in classrooms and hallways
  • Stadiums and theaters: near refreshment stands, entrances to seating areas and exits
  • Hotels and resorts: in busy areas such as gyms, pool decks, outdoor patios and lounges
  • Nursing homes and assisted living communities: in dining rooms, atriums and other common areas
  • Medical clinics and dental offices: in waiting rooms

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Choosing a Sanitizing Station for Your Business

Furniture Leisure offers a selection of hand sanitation stations made with durable, high-grade aluminum. They're finished with attractive, easy-to-clean coatings and provide a professional complement to your decor.

  • Floor-standing models dispense wipes through an opening at the top. The cover is securely fastened and stays in place when wipes are pulled out. The bottom portion of the dispenser has space for extra wipes or a trash receptacle.
  • A combination wipe dispenser with attached trash receptacle is an effective solution for those who prefer storage space and a disposal bin.
  • Wall-mounted wipe dispensers are ideal for businesses with limited floor space and can be placed on a wall, column or fixture. Brackets and hardware are included for mounting.

Sanitizing stations can be stocked with FDA-approved wipes that are pre-saturated with water, alcohol and aloe and kill up to 99.9% of common germs. They're also free of ammonia and bleach so they're safe to use on hands.

Wall Mounted Dispensers

Wipes Stations

Floor Standing Dispensers


Reducing the Spread of Germs is a Long-Term Goal

Recovery from the pandemic won't be immediate. According to a Gallup poll, 40% of Americans believe it's going to take a long time for society to fully return to normal activities. Additional waves of infections are possible, which means it's critical that everyone continues to be vigilant about cleanliness and hygiene.

Customers need the peace of mind knowing the businesses and services they patronize are safe. Providing a hand sanitizer dispenser on your premises assures your clients and staff that their health is a priority and that your business is taking all necessary steps to protect their health and well-being.

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