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Checklist to Receiving Your Commercial Shipment: The Complete Furniture Leisure Delivery Guide

From A.S.A.P. shipments to custom delivery options that meet your business needs, Furniture Leisure aims to please. While we handle the heavy lifting from our end, you can take a few actions to help ensure an optimal delivery every time you order. From choosing the right delivery method to being prepared to receive your commercial outdoor furniture, this guide covers everything you need to know for a seamless, worry-free experience.


Checklist: What Do You Need to Receive a Commercial Outdoor Furniture Delivery?

The details matter when receiving a large commercial shipment. Tick all the boxes on the checklist below to help ensure a smooth delivery experience with your order.

        A complete and accurate ship-to address. Double-check the address on your order receipt to ensure the items are coming to the right location. PO Boxes are not an acceptable ship-to address for commercial deliveries.

        A working and accessible phone number. Sales Reps and shipping carriers may need to contact someone to ask questions about the location or make final arrangements regarding the delivery. If you selected a call ahead appointment, expect the carrier to contact you 24 hours in advance to arrange an estimated delivery time.

        Email address. You will receive a notification via email with tracking information for each portion of your shipment, so you always know where your items are. 

        Appropriate delivery options. Choose the delivery options and services that match your location and needs. (See the section below on Delivery Options for details.)

        Person to receive & inspect items. You should be sure to have a staff member or manager on hand to accept the delivery and provide a preliminary inspection in the presence of the driver to ensure nothing was damaged during shipping.  They should also make sure the correct items and quantities were delivered as ordered. 

        Team for offloading items. If your shipping options don't include offloading (lift gate), have a team on-site ready to handle it. Consider how many items and the weight and size of the packages when preparing for this task. Contact our staff if you are not sure. 

        Equipment for offloading. Some larger pieces, such as bleachersconcrete picnic tables or shade structures, may require offloading equipment that you will need to provide, such as a forklift.

        Team for assembling items. Products ship disassembled to save on freight cost. You will need your own team to install, setup and/or assemble the outdoor furniture. There are certain items that don’t require assembly, for example, most chaise lounges and patio dining chair will arrive fully assembled and ready for use. Call or email the staff at Furniture Leisure for detail on if a product will require assembly.


Understanding Your Commercial Delivery Options

Delivery options are customizable, and the right choices depend on what you're ordering, where you need it delivered and your own business needs. When ordering, you'll need to select all the delivery options necessary for your shipment. If you aren't sure what delivery options to choose, you can call a commercial outdoor furniture expert at 1-800-213-2401 to get assistance with your order.

  • Commercial Delivery means your items will arrive on a 53-foot semi-truck. Unless you opt for additional delivery services, the driver is not responsible for unloading your items; you'll need a team and/or equipment on hand for this task. This option also requires space for the truck to easily enter and leave your location without any issues.
  • Call Ahead delivery option ensures that someone at the local terminal calls the phone number you provided at least 24 hours in advance. They will make arrangements for an estimated delivery window, which can be helpful if you need to have special teams to receive the items. Note the driver sometimes calls when they are getting near your location, but this is a personal courtesy provided by some drivers and is not part of any delivery option or package. Selecting the call ahead delivery option will add a day to the total transit time for your shipment.
  • Residential Delivery option must be selected if the items are arriving at a noncommercial location or one that doesn't have a shipping dock. This includes many churches, schools, construction sites, apartments, condos, and HOA organizations, as well as homes.
  • Limited Access delivery option must be selected if your delivery location doesn't have adequate space to accommodate a 53-foot commercial carrier. In this case, the carrier will deliver your order using a smaller local delivery truck. 
  • Lift Gate delivery service ensures the driver will lower the merchandise from the end of the truck to the ground on a lift gate. Once the merchandise reaches the ground, you're responsible for removing it from the gate and handling it from that point.
  • Inside Delivery service means the driver takes the items off the truck and transports them to the interior of your location, placing them inside the nearest gate or door to the truck. The gate or door must be accessible with a dolly and cannot be up hills, steps, or elevators.
  • Crane placement service is available for the delivery of most concrete products. The crane is used to offload the concrete outdoor furniture and place it in the right location, but some limitations apply. Powerlines, trees and other obstacles cannot obstruct the crane's range of motion, and placement is limited by the weight and reach capability from the road. Please note that this service may extend lead time depending on location.


What Should You Do When Your Delivery Arrives?

During the delivery, you should inspect all your merchandise. It's best to inspect the items with the driver still present by:

  • Open all boxes
  • Remove any packaging, such as shrinkwrap or cardboard
  • Look over the pieces carefully for damages: scratches, chips, dents, etc.

If you find any damage, DON’T REFUSE THE DELIVERY but write "received as damaged" on the bill of lading. If the driver could or would not wait while you completed this task write, "Driver couldn't wait for inspection" on any delivery paperwork before you sign it.

In cases where you note damages on the delivered items, take pictures of the issue immediately. Contact us at 1-800-213-2401 to report the damage and receive instructions and feedback about how to resolve the problem. This needs to be done promptly within 24 hours of receiving your delivery,


FAQ: Other Common Questions About Furniture Leisure's Commercial Delivery

How will my shipment arrive?

Packaging and delivery details depend on factors such as size, weight, and materials included in the shipment. Shipments typically arrive in boxes or on pallets.

Will my order be assembled?

To reduce the cost of shipping and delivery, most products are shipped disassembled and will require some assembly when you receive them. There are certain products, such as most patio dining chairs or chaise lounges, will ship completely assembled. Patio dining chairs that are stackable are usually shipped in a box stacked four high and are ready for use.

When do deliveries occur?

Commercial deliveries typically arrive Monday through Friday within business hours, such as 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If a driver is running behind, there is a chance the delivery will be made after 5 p.m. It's fairly rare for these deliveries to be made on weekends.

How long will it take to receive my shipment?

Shipment times vary for a number of reasons. Seasonal and stock changes can impact lead times (the time it takes to get your item out of the warehouse and onto a freight truck), and transit times vary by distance and location. Furniture Leisure will try to provide you with the most accurate delivery dates possible, however, all lead and transit time given are estimated and can change at any time.


If you have any questions about your shipment time or any other matters related to a commercial delivery, contact Furniture Leisure via phone, chat or email for assistance.

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