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Aluminum Benches Outdoor

Outdoor aluminum benches are a popular choice for many public areas due to their durability, lightweight design, and low maintenance requirements. Made from aluminum that has been treated to withstand the elements, these types of benches can provide comfortable seating outdoors for many years. When shopping for outdoor benches, aluminum models are an excellent option to consider.

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Find High-Quality Outdoor Aluminum Benches at Furniture Leisure

When it comes to high-quality outdoor furniture, look no further than Furniture Leisure. Their wide selection of commercial-grade aluminum benches is perfect for parks, swimming pools, sports fields, and more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right outdoor aluminum benches to suit your needs.


At Furniture Leisure, our commercial aluminum benches feature aluminum plank seats and galvanized steel frames designed for heavy daily use by the public. The lightweight yet strong aluminum construction makes their benches easy to move but sturdy enough for regular wear and tear. Our sports-style benches with aluminum planks are especially popular for team seating at ball fields, swimming clubs, and sports complexes across the country. With our focus on durability and performance, you can trust Furniture Leisure's aluminum benches to deliver lasting quality and comfort outside.


Discover why customers trust Furniture Leisure for the highest quality outdoor aluminum benches with unmatched selection and fast shipping.


What are Outdoor Aluminum Benches?

Outdoor aluminum benches are benches made from aluminum designed to withstand outdoor elements. Aluminum itself is valued for outdoor use thanks to its corrosion-resistant yet lightweight properties. Cast aluminum benches feature aluminum planks or slats for the seat and back components. This provides a smooth, durable seating surface able to handle exposure to weather and sun over years of use. The aluminum benches are often powder-coated for extra protection and feature welded or riveted aluminum legs and supports. This robust but lightweight construction allows the benches to be portable while still providing sturdy, stable seating.


Benefits of Aluminum Benches

When choosing seating for outdoor public spaces, aluminum benches have distinct advantages over other materials. Aluminum's innate properties and durability provide numerous benefits that make it uniquely suited for the demands of outdoor environments. Aluminum benches require little maintenance while withstanding heavy use year after year. They offer the ideal combination of strength, style, and functionality.


Some of the key benefits that aluminum bench seating provides include:


  • Durable: Aluminum is highly corrosion resistant and able to withstand years of sun, rain, snow, and temperature fluctuations outdoors. Powder coating adds further protection.
  • Low Maintenance: Outdoor aluminum benches don't require much upkeep. Their smooth surfaces just need occasional cleaning. No painting, staining, or splintering to worry about.
  • Resists Rust: Aluminum contains alloying elements that prevent rust, unlike steel. Outdoor aluminum benches won't rust over time.
  • Lightweight: Benches made from aluminum are lighter than wood or steel. This allows for easy transport and rearrangement.
  • Comfortable: Aluminum's smooth, even surfaces provide comfortable seating for long periods without jabbing or pinching.
  • Stylish: Aluminum benches come in attractive designs to complement any outdoor setting. Their sleek look enhances modern and contemporary spaces.
  • Temperature Resistant: Aluminum benches won't warp or crack in hot and cold temperatures like wood can. They maintain their shape and integrity.
  • Customizable: Many aluminum bench styles and lengths are available to match your needs. Custom options allow benches tailored to your space.
  • Cost Effective: Although pricier initially than wood benches, aluminum benches offer better durability per dollar over the long run.


What Makes Aluminum Suitable for Outdoor Benches?

Aluminum is uniquely suited for outdoor benches thanks to its inherent properties and how it is fabricated. Pure aluminum is lightweight, non-toxic, and highly resistant to corrosion and weathering. It forms an impermeable oxidized outer layer when exposed to air that protects the underlying metal from the elements. This makes it very durable for outdoor use.


Aluminum used in benches contains small amounts of other metals like magnesium, silicon, copper, and zinc. These alloying elements enhance aluminum's strength, hardness, workability, and corrosion resistance even further. Tempering and heat-treating processes make the alloy suitable for forming sturdy bench legs, rails, and supports.


Aluminum bench slats and seating components are formed by extrusion. This forces the alloy through dies to create lengthy planks with complex cross-sectional shapes ideal for benches. The extruded parts are then welded or riveted together to create the final bench frame.


An optional powder coating step adds a colored uniform finish that won't chip or peel like paints can. This provides extra protection on top of the naturally corrosion-resistant aluminum. All these qualities make aluminum perfect for stable, attractive, and low-maintenance outdoor benches.


Where to Place Aluminum Benches

Outdoor aluminum benches are highly versatile and can enhance many public and commercial spaces. Their durable yet lightweight design allows them to be conveniently moved wherever needed and perform reliably even with high traffic and usage. Aluminum benches are suitable for a wide variety of outdoor locations, including:


  • Parks: Durable and comfortable aluminum benches are ideal for public parks. They hold up well to heavy park visitor usage while enhancing the landscape.
  • Swimming Pools: Resists moisture and won't warp. Easy to sanitize. Provides seating without rust risks.
  • Sports Fields: Lightweight for players' benches. Withstands sun and rain during games and practices.
  • School Campuses: Long-lasting benches perfect for busy outdoor common areas. Coordinate colors with school branding.
  • Gardens and Patios: Aluminum patio benches complement outdoor living areas.
  • Trails and Walkways: Provides rest points along paths and trails. Easy to position.
  • Transportation Areas: Sturdy benches for bus stops, train platforms, and other transit points. Won't rot or rust.
  • Business Parks: Attractive, low-maintenance benches that withstand heavy use in office parks and other business locations.


When shopping for durable and low-maintenance outdoor furniture, aluminum benches are an excellent option to consider. Their corrosion resistance and durability allow aluminum benches to withstand years of demanding public use. For public and commercial spaces needing outdoor seating that will last, aluminum benches deliver valuable benefits and hassle-free performance worth exploring.


Maintenance of Outdoor Aluminum Benches

Outdoor aluminum benches are designed to be low maintenance, but some periodic care will keep them looking like new:


  • Wash benches with a mild detergent and water 2-3 times per year using a soft cloth or brush. This prevents grime buildup.
  • For tough stains, use a vinyl/plastic cleaner and a nonabrasive scrub pad. Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Check hardware such as legs and arms yearly and tighten any loose fasteners to prevent instability issues.
  • Re-apply powder coating touch-up if any scratches or chips occur to prevent corrosion in those spots.
  • Consider covering benches with weather-resistant furniture covers during extreme winter weather.
  • For salty coastal climates, wash more frequently to prevent salt buildup and corrosion.


With their durable yet lightweight aluminum construction, outdoor aluminum benches from trusted brands like Furniture Leisure require little long-term maintenance. Just occasional cleaning and checks will keep them in top shape for years of public enjoyment and hassle-free performance. For high-quality and low-maintenance outdoor benches, aluminum is the clear choice.


About Furniture Leisure

With over 20 years of experience, Furniture Leisure is a leading provider of high-quality commercial and residential outdoor furniture and accessories. Our knowledgeable staff offers personalized service to simplify purchasing and deliver the right products to complete outdoor projects for both public and private properties. We carry top brands like Telescope Casual, Polywood, and Grosfillex and ship factory direct while providing quantity discounts to meet any budget. As an established family business since 2003, we are dedicated to superior products, competitive pricing, and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. Thousands of customers have trusted us to enhance commercial properties and private residences across the country with beautiful, durable outdoor furniture.


From any of our websites, request a free quote on any outdoor furniture project you're working on, or call 1-800-213-2401.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best metal for benches?

Aluminum is generally considered the best metal for outdoor benches because it is lightweight, strong, resistant to corrosion and weathering, and requires little maintenance over time. Aluminum alloys have properties that allow benches made from aluminum to withstand heavy usage in outdoor public spaces.

Do aluminum benches rust?

One of the most pressing concerns when considering outdoor benches, particularly an outdoor bench to be subjected to the elements, is whether or not they'll rust over time. This is particularly important if you live in a rain-prone area. The good news is, aluminum outdoor benches do not rust like iron or steel might. In fact, aluminum, when exposed to air, forms a protective oxide coating that prevents it from rusting.

How long does aluminum outdoor furniture last?

When you invest in furniture like an outdoor garden bench, you want it to last. Aluminum outdoor furniture can last for many years with proper maintenance. The typical lifespan of aluminum patio or garden furniture is 15-20 years, though some high-quality commercial aluminum benches may last 25 years or longer. The durability comes from aluminum's inherent corrosion resistance and its ability to withstand weathering when properly treated and maintained. With occasional cleaning and upkeep, aluminum outdoor furniture resists rust, warping, rotting, and other damage better than many other materials.

Can aluminum furniture be left outside in winter?

Aluminum furniture can be left outside year-round, even in winter weather. The metals used in aluminum patio garden benches and furniture are designed to withstand temperature extremes from hot summer sun to snow and ice in the winter. However, in climates with heavy snowfall or ice storms, covering the furniture or storing it in a sheltered area can help protect it and prevent any damage from accumulations of snow/ice. Overall, aluminum's durability makes it one of the best options for furniture that can be left outside all year without any major wear and tear issues.

Is aluminum furniture better than wood?

Aluminum furniture has some advantages over wood furniture, especially for outdoor use. Aluminum is more durable, resistant to corrosion, requires less maintenance, and withstands weather better than wood. Aluminum also works better for outdoor furniture that needs to handle the elements, while wood may excel for indoor furniture where looks and comfort are priorities.


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