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Park Grills
Our commercial park grills offer a 48 by 18 cooking surface four position non removable, 860 Square inches cooking surface mounted on two 2 inch in ground posts. These park grills can easily be installed in any yard for an elegant look. Park grills are just the right product for shelters and areas for large gatherings to enjoy outdoor barbeque (BBQ) occasions.   Have fun with out the hassle of dragging one with you, or using a small cheap one. All cooking grates are ½ inch bars on one inch center welded and non removable. The firebox is made of 3/16th inch reinforced steel. These are very sturdy outdoor park charcoal grills.
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Park Grills

Well the season is coming for outdoor Barbeques (BBQ). People will be heading to the Parks with hamburgers and hotdogs in coolers ready to start their park grills. Most will bring charcoal with them and some will use wood. However, without exception whether it is city parks, county parks, state parks, federal parks they will seek out the commercial park grills.

These park grills are made to serve several venues. One common type is the single pedestal park grill for the family to use for their cookout. Here’s the factory description:

America's Favorite for many years. It is our most vandal-resistant pedestal park grill. The 20 W x 15 D x 10 H inch fire box is made of 3/16 inch thick steel with a continuous weld type construction. A formed ash lip provides extra reinforcement and helps retain coals in the box. The 300 sq. in. cooking grill has 1/2 inch steel bars welded on 1 inch centers and adjusts to 4 heights in the anti-theft designed slots. The park grill handles have heavy-duty cool spring grips designed for public use. This unit comes standard with rounded corners, drain holes, and 360 degrees rotation on a 41 inch long theft resistant pedestal. The standard finish is non-toxic, heat and rust-resistant black enamel. Two pedestal choices: 2 3/8 inch O.D. or 3 1/2 inch O.D. galvanized.

Many organizations such as Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist Christian Church groups, company group picnics, Kiwanis, Civitan Clubs, Shriners, Team Gatherings and more gather and need a large commercial park grill for their cookout. Group Grills allow cooking on two sides or over a large grilling area. Here’s a factory description:

Group Grills
An excellent large group grill for shelters. Among the many features of this huge park grill are the adjustable 4-position fire grate and 2 hinged cooking grills. The cooking surface alone is 38 x 36 inch, which gives you 1368 sq. in. of grill area. Chains welded to each cooking grate limit their travel and enhance safety. All grates are made of 1/2 inch bars, welded on 1 inch centers and have heavy duty cool spring handles designed for public use. The fire grate has a formed lip to retain the burning coals. The entire fire box is made of 3/16 inch reinforced welded steel and is mounted on a 6 inch square pedestal with a 12 x 12 x 3/8 inch base mounting plate. Four 1/2 x 6 inch anchor bolts are furnished. A large ash lip helps prevent hot coals from falling out and also reinforces the fire box. A convenient 12 x 36 x 3/16 inch utility shelf is bolted on one side of the fire box. The overall size (including shelf) of this massive park grill is 51 x 43 inch. Unit is completely finished in non-toxic heat and rust-resistant black enamel and weighs 460 Ibs.

Wow, a 460 pound park grill should cook up a lot of hamburgers, ribs, or hot dogs. Softball leagues, baseball such as little league games many times end in the group barbeque (BBQ). This describes one of the most popular American past times. Parks and Recreation departments plan these parks and supply them with the correct commercial park grills for public enjoyment.

Here’s one description of a park in the Chicago area. No wonder we enjoy outdoor barbeques (BBQ) and cook outs.

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