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Hotel Pool Furniture
Furniture Leisure's large hotel pool furniture selection features chairs, tables, and bar stools. Relax and enjoy the sun in one of our outdoor hotel pool furniture sled base chairs. They feature all aluminum frames with 2 inch wide virgin vinyl to provide style and comfort. They have 2 3/8 inch fluted tubing with protective nylon glides.   These relaxing lounge chairs make the day seam like a dream. Sitting by the water relaxing has never been better. Our World Collection hotel pool furniture uses durable double wrap for strength and quality. This adds years of use and reduces expenses. Hardware and fasteners on this outdoor hotel pool furniture is all stainless steel.
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Contemporary Hotel Pool Furniture

The swimming pool has always been an invitational amenity for the hospitality industry. Many times the pool is able to be seen from the Lobby or even from a drive by view. Children as well as adults are attracted to the beautiful blue water and the refreshment it promises. A big part of the hotel curb appeal is the pool and its’ furniture.

Pool furniture made for public use comes in quite a few styles and is always made to meet or exceed the expected variations of people it will serve. To run through the major types there are aluminum with vinyl straps, sling fabric (both aluminum framed and resin), Resin or commercial plastic, recycled plastic and in some cases wood. Hotels and Motels tend to consider the expected dollar per use when they purchase any furniture that is intended to be an investment over time.

The style selected most likely will have to do with location, the type of pool (indoor or outdoors) and the size. The location in the country will determine whether the furniture is used year round outdoors as in warmer states like Florida , Texas , California or just for a summer season as in North Carolina or the more seasonal states. Other factors that are weight heavily are long-term maintenance, colors and level of comfort.  Generally the size of a pool at a hospitality property is reflected by its location. For instance; the pool size at the Hyatt Regency in Lake Tahoe is small in comparison to the Hyatt Regency in Orlando that has multiple large pools.

The aluminum frame used with vinyl straps is perhaps the most common found on pool decks. This furniture is one of the oldest styles and is still common today at some of the major resort hotels. An example is the Marriott in Orlando . It is one of the largest properties in their company and uses this type of furniture. The aluminum furniture can be refurbished by replacing the straps periodically. The comfort level is good as the straps support the weight of the user and have a certain amount of stretch or give.

Another style that has become more popular is the “sling” style. Fabric is attached to a frame to support the user. The original concept started in the army in World War I as cots were made by stretching fabric over a frame to make a portable bed. Today the frame may be resin or aluminum depending on the manufacturer. This furniture has a higher level of comfort and has more designs available as many fabric options offer color and pattern as well. Maintenance over time is more difficult as replacing the sling can be difficult. Matching the fabric after a couple years can also be a problem due to discontinued fabrics and fading.

Plastic resin furniture made by several manufacturers offers a sling product. This product has found acceptance even on cruise ships. Resin furniture stands up to sunshine, salt and corrosive elements often found present around swimming pools. This furniture usually offers less options for color and patter, however, it cost less as well.

The last style mentioned here are recycled plastic and wood. They are mentioned together as the recycled plastic imitates typical wood styles. Wood was used on beaches and around pools before the technology of aluminum extrusion or plastic molding was available. Today a new recycling industry has evolved reusing plastic and making it the size of lumber. This has led to new furniture styles imitating the old made from this new material. Therefore the styles resemble the early wood chaise lounges and chairs found on the beach in the early twentieth century. 

Notice the type pool furniture at your next hotel stay. It most assuredly will be one of these types.

John Gravlee is the author and maintains two e-commerce stores for outdoor furniture needs. is a resource for information about commercial picnic tables.

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